Saturday, November 11, 2006

Poor Aggies

Artwork - BradC

Trust me, I was not pleased with this one.


Jay Clendenin said...

i hate you bob sturm.

cracker1743 said...

Fire Fucktard Fran. Right fucking now.

Brandon said...

Poor Texas, too.

Karen said...

Karen said..... Now we see the value of a healthy Colt McCoy

Buck's a critic said...

You know, Aggie should figure out how to take their second half defense and export it to the first half.

Can the coaches not make adjustments before halftime? I swear.

Of course, if Aggie could figure out how to run the ball twice with a huge tailback from the 2 yard line, it wouldn't matter so much.

Brandon said...

"Now we see the value of a healthy Colt McCoy"

To be fair, Snead certainly didn't lose that game for them. He helped put up 35 points which should have been enough to win. Not to mention, he helped cut a 21 point third period deficit down to 3 in the fourth. If Texas had a little more time on the clock, they may have been able to pull off the rally.

No, if you're going to point any fingers of blame, put it on the defense for allowing 42 points to Kansas freaking State.

Cap It said...

Suck it.


w1ld_b1ll said...

Hey Bob,

You were mentioned on PTI Friday by Dan Le Gaytard and Wilbon laughed...

So what's up, you gonna take that?

They were talking about Room's date with Jessica Simpson.

Oh, Aggie, they aren't adjustments in the first half, that is called a gameplan.

w1ld_b1ll said...


didn't see yesterday's blog, 'Blame It On the Media'.

Kill me.

Jay Clendenin said...

at least UT lost and showed how they're just a bunch of overrated frauds.

i can't wait to see how longhorn fans spin this one. is kansas state actually a good team now?

mrowlou said...

aTm, please don't suck against whorn.


Every sooner fan in world.

PHE said...

BradC = Genius

Does McCoy know what day it is yet?

Wes Mantooth said...

Texas secondary sucks! They are the reason Texas lost the game, not the injury to Colt. Colt is MUCH better than Snead, but the defense killed the Longhorns.

If Aggie can figure out how to throw the ball, Texas may have some problems.

The only thing worse than my Longhorns not taking advantage of a perfect opportunity to get back in the Championship Game is letting USC back in it. They suck. How the F are they number 3? I would rather see Florida, Notre Dame, a Michigan - Ohio State rematch, or F-ing Rutgers in the Championship than those ass clowns.

AttnyDan said...

Oh how the Big 12 has fallen. And the SEC and the Pac 10. Wasn't it just last year that the Big 10 was the stepchild?

It's called, College Football. Every year is going to be interesting.

Go Bearcats, Celina Sux.

Second Round: Euless v SLC, my pants are going crazy..