Thursday, April 26, 2007

Game 2: Dallas 112, Golden State 99 (1-1)

That was a bit more like it. Not quite the top shelf performance we were all pulling for, but in the end, they forced the issue and grabbed the game. The following our the notes from the Game 2 Dallas Win.

• If you didn’t know better, you would think Josh Howard was the NBA MVP candidate. While Dirk seemed to float through most of the game last night, Josh was making plays up and down the court and basically pushing the Mavs to victory. Josh has developed so much. If you recall in 2005, Josh played very well for a game or two, then would disappear for a few, and so on. He played horrible on the road, and did not show up in the 4th quarter. Here we are just two years later, and Josh has been the Mavericks best player in both of the first two playoff games. He has come so far, and has not yet reached him potential.

• Ah, Nellie Ball: Settle for bad shots. Lose composure. Feel persecuted by the refs. Give up the rim.

• Seriously, there are people defending Baron Davis on his ejection? Go back and look at the final minute of the 3rd quarter. He already had a technical, so he knew they wouldn’t eject him, right? So, he fouls Josh Howard and yells right in the face of a ref who looks the other way. He fouls Jerry Stackhouse, and screams when called for the foul. He then stands and claps at the ref for no fewer than 10 seconds. He was warned, and his coach told him to knock it off, too. And people thought the ref got carried away? There is a dude who lost his head.

• I feel for Devin Harris. He is the team’s new Raef LaFrentz. If he is involved in a play, and it is even close to physical contact, the ref looks at the two players involved – sees Devin, and assumes the foul was committed by him. He gets no calls. Not saying he doesn’t have issues with fouls, but the guard is still
treated like a rookie.

• As a P-1 said to me, “So Al Harrington is the guy that the Mavericks were worried about Dampier guarding?”. Harrington went 1-8 for 5 points.

• Last game, I mentioned my fears about Jason Terry. To his credit, he was awesome last night. If Terry, Stackhouse, and Howard are that aggressive to the rim, there is very little an opponent can do – when they think the key to beating the Mavs is to run at Dirk. Punish them.

• By the way, I know it is early, but I think you must keep Jerry Stackhouse this summer.

• Is Stephen Jackson really this good? Or, is Dirk also not playing well on defense? Either way, he is really a dominate force in this series. Call him the ’07 Round 1 Boris Diaw.

• The votes are pouring in for “player we are most likely to group with Jon Barry and Tim Thomas as players we hardly knew before the series but after the series hate forever”. It looks like Matt Barnes may run away with this thing.

• I know the refs were cracking down on things, right? Since when is yelling “Bull S---“ at the top of your lungs allowed? It seems like NBA players realize that will not be disciplined, and let it fly without discrimination.

• This series will not be easy. Golden State is building a very intriguing product full of long, athletic players who all need to be taken seriously. They will not get very far this year, but this is a very interesting team heading forward.

• I did think the refs were pretty poor last night. For instance, that illegal inbounds pass called on Golden State after a Mavericks basket was a joke. Not even close to being illegal.

• The Warriors had 9 assists last night. For the game.

• I really like Diop. I can’t quite put my finger on why. I just like him.

• Finally, as opposed to breaking down another subpar effort from Dick Stockton, I thought I would let P1 Justin:

Just for fun, I'm keeping a running log of Dick Stockton's mistakes. Clock is game clock.

1st Quarter

11:33 - Out of bounds. Says Dallas ball. Actually GS ball.

(That didn't take long)

8:58 - "Warriors looking to take the lead." They already lead 8-7.

7:58 - "You want to be focused going into this game, but the match-ups don't work." Huh?
Bonus from Reggie Miller saying Monta Ellis was a "doe in the headlights" in game 1.

7:41 - "Al Harrington hit in the face by Dampier." It was Harris, who was the only Maverick on that end of the floor.

6:31 - "The Warriors coming back with 2 baskets, trailing by 4." It was the Mavs.

6:05 - "And the foul will be on Diop." It was on Harris. (I'm not sure Dick knows who Devin Harris is.)

4:15 - "Foul on Diop and that will be his second." It's his first.

That's all I can do. Listening intently to Dick & Reggie is making me crazy.

Go Mavwicks.

P1 Justin


BACM said...

Good strong must win last night. Anyone see the resemblance that Baron Davis has to Levar Burton circa Reading Rainbow days?

oh yeah and 1st!

Robert Stoops said...

Bob, great point about Matt Barnes. I guess it's the mohawk, the excessive tats, or combination of the two, but he has infected my brain and he wont get out of my head.

It started as amusement, but now it's turned to hate and violence.

What we saw last night was the ice cold killer quietly and methodically disecting a mentally weak team. Last night was the Warriors unraveling... series over.

On the bright side, at least Game 1 allowed some more people to hate on the Mavs.

TheDude said...

C'mon people, don't get complacent. Just we shouldn't have called last night's game with 4 minutes left (even after the meltdown), don't go calling the series just because we've evened it up.

I predict a win by GS in Game 3, and another subsequent frustrated chicken-little performance from the fans and media.

arthur said...

if Mrs. Nowitzki doesn't start playing better we're gonna be watching alof of Ranger baseball here real soon.


Carol said...

Apparently the Mavs have a lot of fair weather fans. I think every team in the NBA is good. I am glad for the great effort put forth last night by the Mavs but I do not think the series is "won" yet. I do hope the Mavs build on this and GS continues to unravel. I also have to say I have never seen so much foul language constantly coming out of one team...even Don Nelson. You CAN read their lips and I would hope the league would want NBA basketball to continue to be a family sport and hopefully try to end some of this. I also thought one reason it took so long to throw Baron Davis and Stephen Jackson out of the game was the Tim Duncan incident.

Go Mavs!

Ross said...

Baron Davis looks a member of Clubber Lang's posse. I could totally see him pointing to Avery's wife in the stands and saying "HEY WOMAN! COME TO MY APARTMENT AND I'LL SHOW YOU A REAL MAN!!!"

And Stephen Jackson looks like a crackhead.


dingus mcdouchey said...

for me, stephen jackson is the new tim thomas/john barry. dude runs his mouth all game. i heard he had a tussle with some mavs employee near the locker room. any chance he gets suspended?

Andy D. said...

Ross-- Props to you for that gold dude. You win the best post of the month award. Awesome...

Golden State just pisses me off because they have no structure. They just jack it up and run up and down the court talking smack. Finish these bitches off quick.

Nick said...

I don't think the mavs should feel too comfy after that one. I sure don't.

I thought Barkley made a good point when he said that Baron did not wanna play. He speculated that he was probably hurt.

I've been thinking a lot after watching this series, think about how good Phoenix would be with Nellie coaching them.