Monday, April 28, 2008

Game 4: Hornets 97, Mavericks 84 (3-1)

So this is how it ends? This is how our little champions-to-be go out?


Earlier on Sunday, I think most Mavericks supporters likely felt like I did. Get a win tonight, get a win in Game 6, and then take your chances with Dirk and the boys in New Orleans in a Game 7. One game to determine your fates. Now, it appears it will not come to that.

This team is begging to be put out of its misery.

They appear to believe in their coach as much as they believe in the Easter Bunny. Their coach is asking questions that apparently can be answered with “JJ Berea”.
Their 2nd best player is so mentally checked out on this thing that he may never regain his credibility around here. And, in the end, they have no way of beating the Hornets at enough spots on the floor to win this series.

Enough. No Mas.

Notes from Game 4:

• Do you know how some athletes feed off of criticism and critique? Well, the opposite of that is apparently Josh Howard. Since his brain-dead decision to become a radio star on Friday, where he had a shovel and repeatedly dug himself deeper, he has shot 8-32, and pretty much abandoned the Mavericks mentally, at a time where they could not afford their one young talent to abandon them. His playoff total is now 15-58 from the field, and he told Pam Oliver that he shouldn’t be portrayed as a “bad guy”. Ok, but how about a “dumb guy” if you didn’t think your defense of your pot use would perhaps reflect poorly on the entire organization? Further, the claim it doesn’t affect your game is equally sad given the level of your performance right now. Well, guess what, Josh? Thanks to your no-show, the Mavericks are about 48 hours from “Pot Season”.

• JJ Berea? That is a good one. His first contribution was to dribble out the shot clock. Then with 1 second left he fires a pass to Jerry Stackhouse who has no choice but to launch a desperation 3. Talk about not being mentally dialed in. But, why should he have been dialed in? He hasn’t played since March 10th, and there was no reason to believe it was about to happen. But there is Avery, calling his number. And losing all momentum from a promising 1st Quarter.

• And then there is the aftermath of the Jason Kidd debacle. How does someone defend that trade on any level? After going for what must now pass as a triple-triple (3 points, 4 rebounds, and 3 assists), he decides to goon it up and get himself ejected. He looked like a guy who was tired of being embarrassed and wanted out of the game. Sad, sad, sad. How does something go so wrong so quickly?

• By the way, Josh. Peja? Really? You were dominated by Peja?

• Tyson Chandler is now considering wearing a cup. If you saw it, you understand.

• Jason Terry is one of the only guys on this team with a little fight left in him. Honestly, say what you want about the shortcomings of Dirk and Jet, but without those guys, what exactly do you have? Talent is nice, but how about a little heart and pride?

• David West destroyed anyone who dared try to guard him last night. Dampier? Please. Bass? Good one. Nowitzki? Don’t bother. West won’t remain under-rated for much longer at this rate.

• This team clearly has very little idea of what to do on offense. Especially, when you have your “defensive stoppers” on the floor. Talk about an offense that isn’t sure how to score in the half-court sets unless Dirk makes something out of nothing or Jet does the same thing. If they are going to get nothing from Stackhouse, Kidd, or Howard, they cannot beat anyone.

• Jump Shots. Jump Shots. Jump Shots. When will we learn?

• Because Kidd got ejected, he did not get suspended. Had he not been ejected, I bet he would have not been available in Game 5.

• Julian Wright. Yep. Another young, talented 1st round pick. He is no Pavel Podkolzin or Nick Fazekas.

• So let me try to understand this: The Mavericks now have to win 3 straight games, with 2 of them in New Orleans? And this is the same team that has lost 8 straight playoff road games? I am not saying it is impossible, but it is as close as you can get.

• I am not sure even Al Pacino can save them now.


Poncenomics said...

Which would you rather have - a first-round thrashing or a lottery pick?

If they had done this a month ago, then they would have AT LEAST gotten a lottery pick.

Now we just get another kick in the nuts.

Andy D. said...

Man, oh man...

The best Maverick team ever was assembled during one of the greatest runs a Dynasty has ever had (LA Lakers of the 80's). Unfortunately, we were the best Maverick team in the wrong era.

This Maverick team (by the way, kind of the same one that went to the Finals 2 years ago) is light years behind the 1988-89 Mavericks. This team came around at the right time and wet their pants in front of the country now for 3 years in a row. Embarrassing.

MK said...

That thud your heard late last night was all the front running Dallas fans jumping off the Mavericks bandwagon and back onto the Stars bandwagon. And the wheel goes round. The Mavs jersey goes to the back of the closet for a few years and suddenly everyone in North Texas loves hockey again despite only knowing icing as something on top of a cake.

Brad said...

Can we just pretend the Mavericks do not exist? They are Pathetic. GO STARS!!!!!

Bitterwhiteguy said...

mmm, icing.

Jason said...
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Jason said...

Maybe I'm an $!@hole, but the best thing about the Mavs losing is that fact that Deep Dish Danny loves the Mavs. The fact that the team he loves so much sucks and a team that he bad mouths is doing better is simply awesome!

Josh said...

So much of Game 4 had me embarrassed to be a Mavs fan. Kidd's flagrant was really disappointing. Josh Howard should be ashamed - not of his pot-smoking - but because he had to bring it up. SHUT YOUR MOUTH! JJ Barea, well, I don't blame him, but things are clearly pretty bad if he's in there.

As it stands right now, it looks like this team is about to get blown up. I can only think of three Mavs to keep as this franchise starts the rebuilding process. The way the wheels have fallen off to such a disastrous extent, part of me even thinks retaining Avery wouldn't be horrible. With the roster as it is right now, if Josh Howard, Stackhouse and Kidd are playing this poorly, what is Avery supposed to do?

- Josh

Jay said...

This deal is so screwed up. The only satisfaction I'm going to get is Avery getting canned.

And he'll rebound, he'll learn from his mistakes and if I had a young team I would hire him in a second. It's too bad he had to get his training wheels on our team.