Sunday, April 27, 2008

Shark Hunting

Hey Bob,

I am a Sports bag designer for Concept One Accessories. There's another designer on my team here that is from San Jose, so we have been going back and forth already and the series hasn't even started! Since we’re both artists we have started a little war putting flyers on each others desks when the other is away. Here's the first one I did, thought you would enjoy it. Keep up the support of Our STARS!

- Clay


Jay said...

Nice. Wow I should be happy right now but the Mavs have me so sports sad right now.

Brad C said...

My sports pants are crying too. :(

Lance said...

Who cares about the Mavericks. They've had their shots and they blew it in grand style each time. They're nothing more than a bunch of soft, pot smoking, whining, cry baby losers.

The Stars meanwhile are showing a great deal of heart and determination and they are where they are because they've fought for it.