Sunday, April 20, 2008

Time to get to the Arena.

But, here is this:

Hey Bob,

Longtime fan of the show and extremely thankful for all the outstanding hockey coverage, especially since I'm devoid of much hockey talk here in Columbia, Mo. I recently put together this video ( which I think would make for great blog fodder Sunday morning before Game 6, if you're interested. I plan on redoing the video as the series progresses/ends. Thanks Bob!

Ross T.
Columbia, Mo. (by way of Coppell, TX)


ben8gan said...

awesome, awesome game. the richards trade is looking genius. but the guy that needs to get more acclaim is the other old man...#26. i know he's a former selke winner, but still underrated - count on death, taxes, and jere's backcheck!

- bk

Josh said...

Amazing video. Looking forward to see the next installment Ross says he'll be doing. Great to see some Reunion Arena Hockey ... how great it was to see that feeling recaptured at the AAC tonight. Great win tonight. Even though it's the first round, it's still big to knock out the defending champs.



Blogging Bevo said...

Thanks Ross..and Bob for posting..My hockey weenie is going crazy..Stars win..Stars win..

RT said...

FYI - Here's the final video: