Tuesday, August 19, 2008

EPL - Round 1

At the risk of losing part of the audience, I would like to bring a brand new feature to Bob’s Blog, assuming I stay with it. It is an effort to track the Big 4 teams in the English Premiership as the season goes on. Yes, there are 20 teams in the top flight of English Football, but for the last million years, these 4 teams have finished 1-4 in some order pretty much every year. Manchester United wins all the time, Chelsea has won a bit lately, Arsenal a bit before that, and Liverpool won back when Air Supply was good. But, now it is 2008-09, and since the season started this past weekend, I thought we could all enjoy this year through the blog – mostly on Mondays with a quick wrap up.

First, my predicted order of finish:
1. Evil Man United
2. Chelski
3. Tom Hicks’ Liverpool
4. The Arsenal

Well, round 1 of 38 is in the books, and here we go:

Arsenal 1, West Brom 0 as some dude named Samir Nasir has joined the team and scored a goal. Great, just what Wenger needs is another kid who can play.

Liverpool 1, Sunderland 0 as Liverpool gets a rare road win in a game in which they did not spend much time impressing until Nando Torres scores another wondergoal to save the day. I think they are the same as usual. Ok, but nowhere near the top 2…

Then Sunday, Chelsea 4, Portsmouth 0 with Big Phil’s debut going incredibly easy against an always pesky Pompey. No Special One, no problem as the Blues roll on…

And finally, in the only result of note from the Big 4, Manchester United 1, Newcastle United 1 - no Ronaldo, no Tevez, so no win for the Red Devils at home. Before we all go ahead and celebrate, United always starts slow, and then goes on a 4 month winning streak so it will take more than a home tie to rattle Sir Alex.

So, Round 1 is complete:

Chelsea 1GP 3Pts
Liverpool 1GP 3Pts
Arsenal 1GP 3Pts
Man United 1GP 1Pt

Round 2 Fixtures this upcoming weekend:
Sat: Middlesboro at Liverpool, 9am - Setanta
Sat: Arsenal at Fulham, 11:30am - Fox Soccer
Sun: Chelsea at Wigan, 7:30am - Setanta
Mon: Man United at Portsmouth, 2:00 - Setanta

(Long story short, you might need to get Setanta)


Blue Moon said...

Thanks for putting this weekend's tv schedule, although as a Man City fan I may have to avert my eyes this season... Owner on the run from an arrest warrant, injured strikers, crashing out of the UEFA cup before it even starts... typical City

Phil K. said...

Well, you'll have my readership. Arsenal fan, here. Oh, and it's Nasri, not Nasir. He's gonna have to be the man while Rosicky and Eduardo are out until winter.

dingus mcdouchey said...

blue moon...we haven't crashed out of the uefa cup yet, mate! and sturm, only covering the "big four"? not interested.