Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Labor Day Weekend Reading

Here at Bob’s Blog we just learned what a “label” is. For those others who use the net without understanding the net, it means that you can label each post and then easily find them by the simplicity of a keyword search or somesuch. Given that today is post #1150, I thought some organization could greatly help this blog’s greatest asset: It’s ability to go all the way back and read the archives to January of 2005. So, while I am in Guatemala, here is some light/heavy reading for you by simply clicking on the labels below, you may access everything that applies to said category:

2007 Cowboys Season Game Notes

2006 Cowboys Season Game Notes

2008 Dallas Stars Playoff Game Notes

2008 Dallas Mavericks Playoff Game Notes (a fairly small file)

More to come, but that should hold you through the Labor Day weekend.

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