Friday, February 27, 2009

For today....

Just have a moment this morning, but a couple thoughts on our Dallas Stars:

* Marty Turco is a solid goalie who has put the Stars back in the mix. But, you could put together a low-light film of his meltdown moments that would make you cringe, eh? Very Brett Favre like, where a high-light film could rival anyone's, but the low-light film would have you wondering "what was he thinking?" The goal last night that was gifted to the Blues was just the wrong night to do it- With this depleted roster, one goal or one mistake can break the entire night's plans. And, last night, that one hurt badly.

* The math is beginning to be difficult for the Stars. I am not saying they cannot make the playoffs, but I am saying it is getting progressively more difficult again. To play 3 home games in the last 7 days and to get 0 points out of the exercise is devastating. Now, they need to get points on the road in the next few weeks to compensate for these blown opportunities. Know this: the playoffs for the Stars have been going on for quite a few weeks already.

* Steve Begin is badly needed as another depth forward and a guy who can play center. Keep your expectations low, but understand that with games coming fast and furious (5 in the next 7 days) this team needs bodies of NHL quality and experience. Almost 400 games makes him a welcome addition just to help row this boat.

* Could TJ Oshie score that goal if he had 10 more chances from that angle? That goal was quality.

* Hockey is a simple game. Put the puck in, and keep it out. All the shots on goal and odd man rushes and big hits and faceoff wins are important - but at the end, they are all window dressing on certain nights. Put the puck in, and keep it out- The Stars have scored 2 goals in 3 games. 42 shots last night are nice, but you have to finish.

* 2 more playoff games this weekend - Ducks on Saturday, Penguins on Sunday. Things are getting critical around here.


Jenny Z said...

Can't say I'm particularly optimistic at this point :(

Flaco said...

Bridge. Me. Jumping.