Saturday, February 07, 2009

Nunca Caminaras Solo

After a day at Ticketstock, I came home to watch Liverpool take on Portsmouth. I love Fernando Torres. He is my soccer hero.

Torres Song

Torres Song – Nike


DallasManUFan said...

Would now be a bad time to point out that your hero has won exactly zero with Liverpool?

Enjoy another trophyless season..but, thank God, you'll never walk alone.

Pitiful Scousers.

Gravypan said...

Without El Nino, I'd submit to you all that Liverpool would be fighting for a spot in the Top 4 and a Champions League berth next season.

Two great and timely goals by home in the last week doesn't cover up the absolute rubbish we've been subjected to for the last month.

Not to mention, Rafa's little games.

I'm no expert on the Beautiful Game, but when you've just sold your other striker (who never really got a shot to begin with) and you're captain's on the sidelines for three weeks with a hamstring pull, isn't it in your side's best interests to NOT start six defenders?

Rob Lablah said...

Funny how your beloved Liverpool rarely is mentioned when they lose as they did midweek in the FA Cup replay to my beloved Everton. I read a story that claimed Torres begged off the field in that game because he was tired. We hold soccer players to a very different standard than American football players, don't we? Having said all of that, I saw his goal against Pompey. He is talented for sure.

bevo said...

Soccer smack..WOW..what is next WWE chat..

Dirk just scored 44 and you are ga ga over some spare soccer game..or is it a match?:..

Whatever..Keep this up and I predict you will be back in Wisconsin working in a Pizza joint..


Streaker said...

"Bevo" should go on tour with such comedic brilliance...

Good stuff here, Bob, keep the beautiful game commentary comin...

CAN WE PLEASE GET SOME USA vs. MEXICO TALK GOIN THE NEXT COUPLE DAYS?! It's gonna be a HUGE game, I know the buildup hasn't passed you by. All these SportsCenter sheep out there may not realize it, but they are missing out on one of the best rivalries in the world. The US is bringing in a good squad, I hope we crush em

bevo said...

Jola Bob..Next to the Super Bowl..I am into USA vs Mexico..

I am on needles and pins..I really am..Davis Cup tenins is so exciting..

Ole USA...

The Prawn said...

Who put the ball in the redshite net?
Who put the ball in the redshite net?
Who put the ball in the redshite net?

Super Danny Gosling!

Super Super Dan, Super Super Dan, Super Super Dan, Super Danny Gosling!