Saturday, June 05, 2010

Ex-Rangers Email

This email is a follow-up to a previous episode of Ask Sports Sturm about ex-Rangers and their earning power. Enjoy.


I did a quick rundown of the highest paid ex-Ranger or Ranger farmhand on each of the other 29 big league teams. I won't say this was a full and exhaustive search but it is fairly accurate.
There are 4 teams with no ex-Rangers on their 25 man roster: Angels, Braves, Red Sox and Rockies.
There are 8 teams with an ex-Ranger as their highest paid player (including Ranger farm hand Aaron Harang): Astros, Cubs, Indians, Orioles, Padres, Rays, Reds, and Yankees.
Two of those teams actually have Rangers in the top two spots on their payroll:
Three teams have two of their five top paid players as ex-Rangers in the Reds and Padres.
There are 5 additional teams with an ex-Ranger in their top 5 highest paid players: Blue Jays, Brewers, Giants, Mariners, and Mets. (The Yankees also have a second ex-Ranger player in the top 5).
There are 8 additional teams with an ex-Ranger in their top 10 highest paid players: Athletics, Cardinals, Dodgers, Nationals, Phillies, Pirates, Tigers and White Sox.
The full list:

Angels - No ex-Rangers
Astros - #1 Carlos Lee ($18.5 million)
Athletics - #7 Justin Ducsherer ($1.75 million)
Blue Jays - #3 Edwin Encarncion ($4.75 million) (Rangers Draft pick and minor leaguer)
Braves - No ex-Rangers
Brewers - #5 Doug Davis ($5.25 million)
Cardinals - #6 Ryan Ludwick ($5.45 million)
Cubs - #1 Alfonso Soriano ($18 million)
Diamondbacks - #18 Kris Benson ($.65 million)
Dodgers - #7 Vicente Padilla ($5.025 million)
Giants - #5 Mark DeRosa ($6 million) (although #1 Barry Zito was a Ranger draft pick)
Indians - #1 Travis Hafner ($11.5 million)
Mariners - #2 Milton Bradley ($9 million)
Marlins - #14 Mike Lamb ($0.5 mil)
Mets - #5 Gary Matthews, Jr. ($11 million)
Nationals - #8 Ivan Rodriguez ($3 million)
Orioles - #1 Kevin Millwood ($12 million)
Padres - #1 Chris Young ($6.25 million); #2 Adrian Gonzalez ($4.75 million); #7 Jerry Hairston, Jr. ($2.125 million)
Phillies - #7 Jamie Moyer ($6.5 million)
Pirates - #8 Brendan Donnelly ($1.35 million) (Donnelly was cut in 2009's Rangers Spring Training
Rangers - NA
Rays - #1 Carlos Pena ($10.125 million)
Reds - #1 Aaron Harang ($12.5 million) (Rangers pick and minor leaguer); #2 Francisco Cordero ($12 million);
Red Sox - No ex-Rangers
Rockies - No ex-Rangers
Royals - #14 Scott Podsednik ($1.75 million)
Tigers - #10 Gerald Laird ($3.95 million)
Twins - #25 Ron Mahay (signed minor league deal but now in the bigs likely making around $0.4 million)
White Sox - #10 John Danks ($3.45 million)
Yankees - #1 Alex Rodriguez ($32 million); #4 Mark Teixeira ($20 million)

Tim Darley


P1 Steven said...

The BIGGESST gut punch on this entire list is Adrian Gonzalez for 4.25 million. I know every team has the ONE who got away in some kind of trade, but right now this one hurts. I still wish Pudge was here too, considering our current catching situation.

Landry said...

Great job Bob. Now how bout you show us who we got in return for all those guys. I know you love a challenge. Of course you could always ask the interns to help.