Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Los Angeles Lakers Tattoo Report

Last Tattoo Report of the 2009-10 season takes us to the Los Angeles Lakers. Whether they win the NBA Finals against Boston has yet to be determined, but the defending NBA Champions will certainly not win the Tattoo title. After further review - Thanks to Alex - the Lakers have a respectable, but not special, 8 tattoos.

Unless my research is incorrect, those who I thought may have ink who apparently do not include Fisher (edit! Yes he does), Odom (edit! Yes, he does, too), and Bynum. I suppose they may have that hidden back tattoo, but I couldn't find a trace of it on the net.

As usual, my findings are done in a hasty search through google, so if I have something wrong, help me get it right.

Enjoy. And click on any "Y" to see a picture of their tattoos.

Los Angeles Lakers Tattoo Roster
Ron ArtestY
Shannon BrownY
Kobe BryantY
Andrew BynumN
Jordan FarmarY
Derek FisherY
Pau GasolN
DJ MbengaN
Adam MorrisonN
Lamar OdomY
Josh PowellY
Sasha VujacicN
Luke WaltonY

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Derek Fisher Tat


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Lamar Odom


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