Wednesday, April 28, 2010

San Antonio Spurs Tattoo Report

Here is a belated tattoo report on our dear friends, the San Antonio Spurs. A very under-rated ink team, as their key players either have no ink, or very little. But, some sneaky recent acquisitions has made this a very impressive roster of tats.

Surely, the most interesting tattoo tale of the Spurs must be how Tony Parker and his celebrity wife made their marriage official with a trip to the tattoo artist...

As usual, my findings are done in a hasty search through google, so if I have something wrong, help me get it right.

Enjoy. And click on any "Y" to see a picture of their tattoos.

San Antonio Spurs Tattoo Roster
DeJuan BlairY
Keith BogansY
Matt BonnerN
Tim Duncan Y
Alonzo GeeY
Manu GinobiliN
Malik HairstonN
George HillY
Richard JeffersonY
Curtis JerrellsY
Ian MahinmiN
Roger MasonY
Antonio McDyessN
Tony ParkerY
Garrett TempleN

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