Sunday, April 11, 2010

Los Angeles Clippers Tattoo Report

Hey y'all. Bob is on vacation, so I just thought I'd toss up this report on the Los Angeles Clippers' body art choices.

Los Angeles Tattoo Roster
Steve BlakeN
Bobby BrownY
Rasaul ButlerY
Mardy CollinsN
Baron DavisN
Drew GoodenY
Eric GordonN
Blake GriffinN
DeAndre JordanY
Chris KamanN
Steve NovakN
Travis OutlawN
Brian SkinnerY
Craig SmithN
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If you've got any additional/conflicting information, just leave it with linked proof in the comments section.

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P1 Steven said...


I know this has no relation to your tatoo blog, BUT I watched the Chan Ho video. Seems to be Mariano Riveria is the giggler in the video. It also seems with Chan Ho's slight smirk that he was enjoying telling the reporter exactly what was wrong.