Friday, April 02, 2010

Orlando Magic Tattoo Report

Orlando has a impressive crew of ink when you consider some of its most prominent players have never taken the plunge (Dwight Howard, Vince Carter). This is continuing to reveal a trend that I did not expect to find - that a rather high percentage of marquee players have never received a tattoo. So far, in our project, we have found that: Dirk, Brandon Roy, Rudy Gay, Howard, Carter, Chris Paul, D-Wade are all without ink. We shall keep an eye on this trend.

The best tattoo reading I have on Orlando is this Story about Marcin Gortat's ink ...

Enjoy. And click on any "Y" to see a picture of their tattoos.

Orlando Magic Tattoo Roster
Ryan AndersonN
Matt BarnesY
Brandon BassY
Vince CarterN
Adonal FoyleN
Marcin GortatY
Dwight HowardN
Anthony JohnsonY
Rashard LewisY
Jameer NelsonY
Mickael PietrusY
JJ RedickY
Jason WilliamsY

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