Monday, April 05, 2010

Meet The Generals

Since coming back to my own blog, I feel liberated on opening day to make a complete mockery of "real baseball" and finally reveal to our 1 season ticket holder what the Bob and Dan fantasy baseball entry looks like.

For those who don't know, we are in the most intense 16-dynasty fantasy baseball league in the world (with several members of the league also employed by Major League Baseball in some capacity (not players - people that actually are paid to know the game).

This means that it is pretty tough to take a bad team and make it better over the course of a few years, because you do not get the benefit of a redraft every spring. You get the rights to the players who you had when you bought the team (we did in July 2005) and you maneuver your 40-man roster either up and down depending on how smart/dumb you are.

Bob and Dan have proven to be out of our league. We took a 9th place team and have moved it to 14th in just 4 seasons.

But, this offseason, hope was in the air. We had plenty of flexibility and roster spots so we thought we had a big winter.

We acquired Lance Berkman, Andy Pettitte, Marlon Byrd, Placido Polanco, Melky Cabrera, Hiroki Kuroda, Leo Nunez, and Trevor Cahill to boost our team so that we can at least win division D (teams 13-16 from the previous year).

Then, spring sprung - and we lost arguably our 3 best players to some form of injury: Ted Lilly, Joe Nathan, and Lance Berkman. So, we spin our wheels and end up right back at where we started.

Our farm system is as strong as ever, but our major league team is going to need a bit of luck since we are down a closer. At some point this summer, if we are a closer away from contention, we will try to go get one, but for now, here is our opening day lineup.

Pray for us.

C Jason Kendall 1 2
C Rod Barajas 2 2

1 Mike Jacobs 1 2
2 Aki Iwamura 3 1
3 Garrett Atkins 1 3
SS Alexei Ramirez 1 1
MI Erick Aybar 3 1
CI Placido Polanco 2 2

DH Vlad Guerrero 3 4

O Kosuke Fukkodome1 1
O Carlos Lee 4 5
O Nelson Cruz 1 1
CF Melkey Cabrera 2 2
CF Marlon Byrd 2 2

Yes, Jason Kendall starts for us.

Ignore the first number (too confusing to explain here) and see the second number is their salary against a $61 salary ceiling (not a cap, but a luxury tax kicks in above that, so if you suck, stay at $61 or below).

With Berkman on the DL, Mike Jacobs starts, too. There is a reason we are in 14th place.

Here is our 1-closer-short-pitching staff:

S Andy Pettitte 2 2
S Vicente Padilla V 1
S Ricky Nolasco 2 3
S Hiroki Kuroda 1 1
S Jamie Garcia 3 1

R Luke Gregerson 2 1
R Kevin Jepsen 2 1
R Todd Coffey V 1
R Nick Massett 2 1
R Evan Meek 2 1

Clo Leo Nunez 2 1

As you can see, our league limits starts (162 per team) and utilizes holds and other middle relief metrics. We would have looked pretty strong here if Joe Nathan and Ted Lilly weren't broken.

Which brings us to our bench-

Disabled List (4)
1B Lance Berkman 6 7
SP Ted Lilly 1 3
RP Joe Nathan 7 9
SP Trevor Cahill 2 1

Bench (3)
CF Rick Ankiel 5 6
DH Travis Hafner 2 2
RP Kris Medlen 3 1

Farm System (8)
1B Logan Morrison
1B Eric Hosmer
3B Matt Dominguez
C Hank Conger
CF Aaron Hicks
C Jonathan LuCroy
3B Matt Gamel
3B Mike Moustakas

Yes, somehow Rick Ankiel is a $6 player. Don't ask.

Anyway, this is likely a post for about 4 curious souls, but there you have it - our best effort to move up to 13th and win Division D and earn some cold cash (I mean points).

Go Generals


P1 Steven said...

I am curious of this league, like Im curios to see pictures of a crime scene. I suggest to continue to invest in the future. Your current team SUCKS. Although I like that teams re-align by where you place the previous year. Are you allowed to disclose your competition? I joined a DMN bloggers league. Had to set my draft to auto-draft (I know thats lame), but i like to make wild ass trades. Had some hits & misses. My biggest hit? 1st pick- Pujols & I picked up Helton on waivers & Adrian Gonzalez. Stacked @ First, but that gives me some trade room there. Biggest miss? Joe Nathan- got auto-drafted. CRAP!!! I would suggest dropping Nathan. I dont think he will be able to bring it anymore. He is no good for at least one year & probably wont truely be back till all-star break. That is IF he ever comes back. How many CLOSERS have rebounded from Tommy John surgery? I bet there are more post surgery hits than misses.

andrew said...

I really hope that these numbers don't mean you've got berkman for 6 years.

Sturminator said...

Yes, you would suggest dropping Nathan provided we don't have him until 2016. It is a long story, but in free agency, you bid to acquire or keep your players. If the market is crazy, you either give Joe Nathan a 9 year deal, or you lose him for nothing.

Now, we have him and cannot move him off our 40 until Obama's 3rd term.

And yes, Berkman is here to 2015.

Like I said, this is not an easy league. One owner had to give Mariano a 7 year deal 3 years ago. You know how old he is, right?

P1 Steven said...

Wow this is more complicated than the actual MLB. Well how about that for an Ask Sports Sturm? Success of pitchers who have had Tommy John Surgery.

tim said...

Mr. Bob Sturm. I am a huge p1 and I was wondering if you could help me with this dynasty league. I would love to take over one of those 16 teams. I know that is impossible but could you show me how it all works or guide me into the right direction to where I could find all the information I would need. Thank you

Charles said...

What is the ceiling of contract years each team (or namely the Generals) has? I counted 71 but I would guess it's somewhere around 90. Also, why do Coffey and Padilla have Vs where their contracts go?

I feel I should tell you to follow me on Twitter, @lawnmowingjesus

Love your work, P1 Chuck.

Charles said...
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