Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Modano's Amazing Weekend

I have another confession to make....

So, about 6 months ago, I planned one of the things that I love to do - a sports weekend with the boys. Now, it is a bit more than a sports weekend - we leave Thursday and get back Monday night, but it is not too out of the ordinary. Except that the trip was to go to England and watch a few English Soccer games because that is how I roll.

It is an awesome trip (aside from sitting in an airplane for a total of 23 hours) and I now completed my 4th England journey - with another already in the planning stages for 2012.

But, my Let me explain. 6 months ago, my objective was to pick a weekend in April that was unaffected by the NHL playoffs (and the Stars games in the playoffs, right?) and I also wanted to spend Easter with the family. So, as you can see, this left one weekend. April 8-11.

Yes, it is Masters weekend, but with the time change, the Masters would be easy to watch in the hotel room at night. The only thing I was risking to miss was the final 2 games of the regular season. But, those would just be tune ups for the playoffs - and maybe the top regulars would be rested before the playoffs started.


Obviously, during those 6 months, it became sadly obvious that the Stars wouldn't be in the playoffs. Simultaneously, it also became rather clear that we were possibly on the verge of the Mike Modano retirement.

I had no idea what I was missing. I also justified it that I have been lucky enough to see 500+ Mike Modano games in person since 1998. This wouldn't be a big deal, right?

Oh man. I sat in my office on Tuesday morning, upon my return, and watched Thursday's game against the Ducks - what will forever be known as "Mike Modano Night".

I really screwed up, didn't I?

The electricity that night was shocking. The plot twists were perfect. The result was enough to be right off a script. 5 days later, I had the tear ducts activate a bit as I am sure all of you had a twitch or two on Thursday night.

I don't want the Mike Modano era to end. I have talked myself into the idea of him coming back for a reasonable price. I do hope it happens. On the other hand, the sending off of the weekend is such that it can not be duplicated. It perhaps SHOULD end this way.

I have no regrets about having a great weekend, but doggone, I should have been at the AAC on Thursday night. I want a do-over.

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