Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Denver Nuggets Tattoo Report

We all thought going in that the Nuggets would be the most tattooed team in the league without doing the research. But, for the sake of good times, here are my findings from Monday Night's game.

This obviously does not demonstrate just HOW tattooed they truly are. Per square inch, it is amazing. And consider that of their 4 guys without tats, 3 were added this season.

Here is a great Denver Post Story on the story ....

Denver Nuggets Tattoo Roster
Arron AfflaloN
Malik AllenY
Chris AndersonY
Carmelo AnthonyY
Renaldo BalkmanY
Chauncey BillupsY
Anthony CarterY
Joey GrahamN
Ty LawsonN
Kenyon MartinY
Johan PetroY
JR SmithY

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* Malik Allen has a shoulder blade tattoo. If anyone has a picture of it (odd request), send it in...

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