Thursday, March 25, 2010

Dallas Mavericks Tattoo Report

Other than my own personal interest, I am not sure who else will care about entries like this, but the good thing about having your own blog is it really only matters what you want to do with it. With that in mind....

Here is the start of my tattoo resource center for NBA rosters. Just for purposes of knowing, I am thinking I will compile a page for each team that shows who has ink and who doesn't.

Why? No clue. Here are the Mavericks, with picture evidence of the inked below. I think you will particularly enjoy finding out which US President DeShawn Stevenson has elected to honor...on his throat.

By the way, I don't have all the answers, so if you have challenges to the status of any player, please email me, and include a picture if possible.

Dallas Mavericks Tattoo Roster
Jose BareaN
Rodrique BeauboisN
Caron ButlerY
Matt CarrollN
Erick DampierN
Brendan HaywoodN
Jason KiddY
Shawn MarionY
Eduardo NajeraN
Dirk NowitzkiN
DeShawn StevensonY
Jason TerryY
Tim ThomasY

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Jeff said...

In listening to the reports the last few days, I'm honestly a little surprised that most teams have been around 50%. I thought it would've been higher.