Friday, March 26, 2010

Portland Trail Blazers Tattoo Report

Here are your Blazers tats, now with links to the picture proof. Can't find a pic of Andre Miller's back ink, but I saw it on Thursday night so I trust myself.

EDIT: Wow, check this out: - They are so committed to their bit, someone put up a website to track it. Very strong effort from Portland.

Portland Trail Blazers Tattoo Roster
LeMarcus AldrigeY
Nicolas BatumN
Jerryd BaylessN
Marcus CambyY
Dante CunninghamY
Travis DienerN
Rudy FernandezN
Juwan HowardY
Andre MillerY
Patrick MillsN
Greg OdenY
Joel PryzbillaY
Brandon RoyN
Martell WebsterY

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elkasdad said...

Hey thanks for the shoutout re TrailBlazers Tattoos!