Sunday, June 06, 2010

Boston Celtics Tattoo Report

Watching the NBA Finals, I thought I would get up off my keyboard and check the ink on our rivals. First, the Boston Celtics. This is what actually inspired this time wasting study. Back when Boston visited Dallas this year, I remember marveling at how few Celtics seemed to have ink. Pierce, Rondo, Allen. They all seemed bare. But, the study showed that Pierce and Rondo both have ink, but not the traditional NBA player on the shoulder and arm. Rather, Rondo and Pierce both have huge back tats, as shown in the pictures on this entry.

Tricky, huh? But, with a little help from we can find them.

As usual, my findings are done in a hasty search through google, so if I have something wrong, help me get it right.

Enjoy. And click on any "Y" to see a picture of their tattoos.

Boston Celtics Tattoo Roster
Ray AllenN
Tony AllenN
Marquis DanielsY
Glen DavisY
Michael FinleyN
Tony GaffneyN
Kevin GarnettY
Oliver LafayetteY
Kendrick PerkinsY
Paul PierceY
Nate RobinsonY
Rajon RondoY
Brian ScalabrineN
Rasheed WallaceY
Shelden WilliamsN

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9 of 15 is a very solid ratio. Well done, Celtics.

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