Thursday, September 23, 2010

EPL Fun Bag #7

I know I pledged to write a strong EPL Fun Bag every week. But, here I am - in the middle of Cowboy season - and I see I have about 30 minutes to write this week's version. So this one is going to be short.

A Few items from last weekend I want to make sure you are up to speed on -

* Manchester United 3, Liverpool 2

This result never surprised me for a second, except for the idea that Liverpool scored 2. Didn't see that coming, but if you saw the match, you saw that those were wonderful gifts. The fact is, the only thing Liverpool has right now that is top notch is its history. Other than that, they are so mid-table it isn't even funny.

Anyway, enough about them. Manchester United, meanwhile, may not have the depth it normally does (thanks to its US owners), but they still have world class talent. Here is Berbatov's beauty - a goal scored by the Bulgarian that may be about as awesome a goal as you will see all season in a "big match". Amazing.

* Clint Dempsey Scored! Nicely done, deuce

* Arsenal drops further behind

A constant theme in the early going is Chelsea demolishing another opponent - they haven't played the big boys yet, but the key to the Prem is getting maximum points from the softies - and seeing Man United, Man City, and Arsenal all lose points on the road with draws when they need 3 points for the win. Arsenal has many injuries and Cesc Fabregas is now out, too. He hurt himself on this amazing goal and since it was their only goal of the day, I guess it was worth it. But wow. A) that you can score like this and B) that you can hurt your hamstring while scoring like this:

Now, here is this weekend's menu - all times are EASTERN!

Saturday, September 25:
7:45am: Manchester City v Chelsea, ESPN2
10am: Arsenal v West Brom, Fox Soccer Channel
10am: Liverpool v Sunderland, Fox Soccer Plus and
10am: Fulham v Everton, (also shown on delay on Fox Soccer Plus at 4pm)
10am: Blackpool v Blackburn,
10am: West Ham v Spurs, (also shown on delay on Fox Soccer Channel at Noon)
10am: Birmingham v Wigan, (also shown on delay on Fox Soccer Channel at 5pm)

Sunday, September 26:
7am: Bolton v Manchester United, Fox Soccer Plus and
9:05am: Wolves v Aston Villa, Fox Soccer Plus and
11:10am: Newcastle United v Stoke City, Fox Soccer Channel

No question the big match is up in Manchester as City attempts to show Chelsea they are for real. ESPN 2 first thing Saturday Morning - so brew the coffee, this is going to be a strong match-

Sorry, next week, I will answer Emails and rant about Tom Hicks again -

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