Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Breaking Bad Talk Ep 8 Sept 2012

Sept 4 2012 - Bob and Dan discuss the finale of the 2012 Breaking Bad story arc.  We say goodbye for this year to one of the greatest tv shows of all-time as Walt expands his empire and those around him become more untrusting of the man who calls himself "Heisenberg."

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Jackson said...

A couple of things that makes Vince Gilligan a genius --

1) The opening scene where the camera is focused on the fly. Walt makes such a big deal over that fly in the worst episode of Breaking Bad and how one small detail can contaminate everything. And it was Walt who kept that book for Hank to find.

2) Out of all the states Vince Gilligan can choose for Walt to run off to, he picks New Hampshire - who's state motto is "Live Free or Die" - incredible.