Saturday, September 22, 2012

BaD Radio Song Archive Project

Slowly, but surely, because that's how we roll, we are starting to archive some of our old musical pieces online for your enjoyment. This weekend, I got around to the 2008 collection which spans from the summer of 2007 until the summer of 2008 as each new BaD Radio year starts on the Birthday Show of BaD Radio - June 14th. So, here are a bunch of those....Enjoy:

Summerbash 2007

Bob and Donovan - It's Tricky

Dan - BabyArm 

Cowboys Songs - Playoffs 2007 - Jan 2008

Dan - Double D's -

Bob - There Goes My Romo

Grubes - Cowboys Wussification

Tom - T.O. Don't Cry

Donovan - Roy Williams Help 

Sean - Romo 

Ticketstock 2008

Donovan - Humpty Dance

Dan -  First Song of Ticketstock - Age of Aquarius 

Bob - Party Hard


Donovan  - Tiny Dan - Dan's Birthday 2008 

Donovan - Negro National Anthem 

2008 Birthday Show Musical Montage

More years to come soon....

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