Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Cowboys vs Giants Passing Chart Preview

Here is a look at last year's match ups against the Giants.  If one thing is made clear with this chart is Romo "prefers" the short game against New York, especially in their second game.  Only throwing four passes past ten yards and two of them being completions.  Look for the same this time around with a unfamiliar o-line not making any situation easier.  You also can't ignore the fact that Romo was sacked nine times last year by the G-Men alone, making even the best QBs scramble.  Fair warning these charts are antiques, I'm happy to say the look and technique has gone for the better.

Game 1
Game 2

Read Bob's post about how Eli is the Cowboys worst enemy here.  Even if these charts only show Romo's performance there is normally a relation to the overall teams performance hidden in them. 
If you need any help in understanding them try checking out the FAQs.  Follow me on Twitter for any chart updates.

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letshearit4Boys said...

On the game 1 charts, i think u may have missed the miles "lost in the lights" incompletion. That would have been at least 20 yards downfield to the right.