Thursday, September 04, 2014

2014 NFL Quarterback Win Total Post

For no other reason than I want to post this every Opening Day, here are the records, playoff records, and Super Bowl titles for the 32 QBs who are their team's respective "QB1" at this moment in time.

I know, I know - unfair stats and there is nothing more unreasonable than hanging wins and losses on a Quarterback (wins are not a QB stat!), but this is the world in which we live and the blog I want to make available to those who find it interesting or a reference guide for bar-room discussions.  This is otherwise known as "Eli Manning's favorite post of the year". Ages are based on Opening Day age, 2014.


TeamStarter QB - AgeStartsRecordPlayoff RecRings
NYGE Manning - 3315185-668-32
PHIFoles - 25169-70-10
DALRomo - 3410863-451-30
WASGriffin - 242812-160-10


TeamStarting QB - AgeStartsRecordPlayoff RecRings
MINCassel - 326832-360-10
CHICutler - 3110456-481-10
GBRodgers - 308758-295-41
DETStafford - 266124-370-10


TeamStarting QB - AgeStartsRecordPlayoff RecRings
NOBrees - 35185110-756-51
ATLRyan - 299460-341-40
TBMcCown - 353816-220-00
CARNewton - 254825-230-10


TeamStarting QB - AgeStartsRecordPlayoff RecRings
SFKaepernick - 262317-64-20
SEAWilson - 253224-84-11
STLBradford - 342613-130-00
ARIPalmer - 3413764-730-20

And now, to the AFC:


TeamStarting QB - AgeStartsRecordPlayoff RecRings
NEBrady - 37191148-4318-83
BUFManuel - 24104-60-00
NYJSmith - 23168-80-00
MIATannehill - 263215-170-00


TeamStarting QB - AgeStartsRecordPlayoff RecRings
PITRoethlisberger - 3214295-4710-42
BALFlacco - 299662-349-41
CLEHoyer - 2843-10-00
CINDalton - 264830-180-30


TeamStarting QB - AgeStartsRecordPlayoff RecRings
INDLuck - 243222-101-20
TENLocker - 26188-100-00
JACHenne - 295018-320-00
HOUFitzpatrick - 317727-49-10-00


TeamStarting QB - AgeStartsRecordPlayoff RecRings
SDRivers - 3212879-494-50
OAKCarr - 2300-00-00
DENP Manning - 38240167-7311-121
KCA Smith - 309049-40-11-20

If you are curious, here is the 2013 version of this post.

Enjoy without prejudice.  

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HanJoevi said...

Hi Bob!
Happy opening day of NFL to you.
I thought of a thesis paper for you and maybe the input of your savant ticket bretheren to write as a deep blog entry. Other than #jtontfjtgm, what would need to happen for the Dallas Cowboys to become a NFL success story like the the New England Patriots as soon as possible? The Pats being the de facto sustainable model in todays salary cap world that has not seen a losing season since 2000. Perhaps this is an end of season challenge for you guys. Take a look at the Cowboys financials and let us know what you guys would do in March of 2015 to start down this path. Do you blow up the team? Is that already in process? Do we basically have a few years of all the players making league minimums, ala Astros? How would Robert Kraft and Bill Bellicheck do it if they bought the team in March? The Rangers, Stars, and unfortunately already ancient history Mavs are seeing success after being in their own comparative holes. I thought the Rangers had built sustainability, but maybe that is broken now as well. It speaks to what an incredible run the Pats are on in what I think is the most complex personnel management environment in pro sports. I'm a guy who would rather see 10 years of playoffs rather than 1 Super Bowl run.

Thanks for continuing to entertain us!