Friday, September 05, 2014

Drop Your Pants! September 11 at Victory Plaza

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Several years ago, I was made aware of a church named Cornerstone Baptist Church at the corner of I45 and Martin Luther King Blvd in Dallas that is doing plenty of work with the needy of Dallas.  Over time, my church up in my community (Valley Ranch Baptist) started doing work in many avenues with them, such as a Christmas Store, a food ministry, and a clothes closet.

I had only helped out around the holidays in making sure many families down there were able to provide gifts for their children at Christmas, but have recently been made aware of the clothes closet through my wife encouraging our family to go down one Saturday a few weeks back and help outfit those in need and often, homeless, with fresh clothing.

It was quite an experience, and our family was able to see the real needs that are everywhere if you spend a few hours looking around.  One thing that came quickly to my attention was the lack of clothes available to donate to those who are in need.  In particular, the lack of jeans for adult males.

Now, I don't know if this is a connection for everyone in the world, but for me, I could think of a stack of jeans in my closet that I don't ever wear, but I also never get rid of because I am a pack rat.  I keep stuff because it is too hard to just discard jeans that have nothing wrong with them.  However, in seeing these men who need jeans, it suddenly became clear that I have a solution in my closet.

I also am lucky enough to have a job where my audience is largely adult male.  I am guessing most of you have waists that are somewhere between 28 and 52.  Well, guess what, you are not alone!  In fact, someone right now needs your pair of pants that you may never wear again anyway!

Now, it isn't just jeans.  I mentioned cargo shorts (but, because of storage issues, we are at the end of short season and offseason giving is not the priority at this time), but I was told 95% of the need is jeans along with shirts, underwear, socks, and basically anything adults would need if they had almost nothing.

Additionally, travel size shampoos, skin lotions, dental care items, and razors are all helpful as well.

I want to put the call out to all of you and ask you to consider to bring by these items to our broadcast at Victory Plaza at the American Airlines Center downtown on Thursday, September 11th.  We will broadcast in the plaza and the Hardline will, as well.

So, from 12p-7p, we will have people on hand to take your items and make sure they go directly to the clothes closet at Cornerstone and will get to the people that desperately need them.  Please consider doing so!


-this Thursday from 12n-7pm
-At our Victory Plaza Mothership, on the first floor
-We are in need of your old Pants, Jeans, Shorts…stuff that you don’t need or don’t wear anymore
-Clean out your drawers and closet an bring them by the station and drop them off for a good cause
-We will donate all items to men in the metroplex that are in need as we head into Fall
-So DROP YOUR PANTS for The Ticket!

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Andrew Arthur said...

I'm not sure I follow the theme of bad decision making, as I believe not overpaying Ware was a great decision; but I find the 6-10 mark to be realistic. Perhaps karma goes our way this year and a couple of those close games bounce our way.