Monday, May 25, 2015

A Review of Another 21-Day Body Makeover

Perhaps by now you have heard me talk periodically about my strides for health and wellness.

That's right.  I am that guy who always admires the dude who is in the best shape of his life.  At least, I admire the end without fully admiring the process.

I make the resolutions that this is the first day of the rest of my life and vow that this time will be different.

Well, I have really made strides over time.  As someone who hardly lifted a finger after I stopped playing sports regularly, I started running back regularly in 2002 and never stopped.  15 miles a week since my daughter was born and since she turns 13 this July, I am proud of that.  I knocked out the White Rock Marathon in 2004 and that picture hangs on my wall.  Even beat Oprah's time by over 5 minutes!

But, aging continues.  Metabolism slows.  Schedule accelerates, diet diminishes.  Changes of getting older in this fast paced world has led me to George DiGianni.

I have known George since I moved to Dallas.  He is a guy who helps a lot of people.  He offered to help me for a long time to really commit to changes in my health since he could sense I was one of those people that was willing to step over the line if I had a slight nudge.  In 2006, I tried his 21-day program which is essentially a body makeover that is all about Detoxification and Fat loss.  You run yourself through a rather strict eating program and exercise at a reasonable level every day and you emerge on the other side 3 weeks later feeling like a new man.

I have done it every year since and just did it again.  Now, the program gets better all the time as he is trying to figure out how to improve each element.  Over the many years I have done it, he has certainly figured out how to fine-tune the eating program (much easier than it was back then!) and make your workouts more efficient.  The supplements are better and the shakes are quite delicious now (not always the case in 2006!).

But, check out the best part of this - now, in 2015, the price has dropped substantially!  He has knocked $100 off the price, all the way down to $197.  That is fantastic news for me - and I am guessing, you, too.  Click Here for all of the details and to get started.

Here are some of the details of my report:

The 21 days only requires you to buy-in mentally. If you do, everything in the plan is simple. The eating is great - provided you follow the recipes and have committed to it. I actually look forward to the eating program because it is clean foods and clean eating. I have seen a few who were not committed and they just won't get the results if they are looking to cheat here and there or make too many exceptions. I challenge anyone to really sell out to make this work. If you do, the results will be there.

Basically, follow the road map for 21 days with food, your tasty morning shake, your tablets, and your exercise.

Exercise? Yes. You simply must make your body work to get results, but you already know that by looking in the mirror, right?

This time, in the 21 days, I dropped down 12 pounds and could really tell the midsection transformation where, honestly, age has taken its toll.

I was sleeping better again and having more energy. I am telling you, it works every time.

Now, I know what you are saying. Bob, if it works so well, why do you allow yourself to ride the roller coaster where you need to keep doing it each year?

Well, 2 things. #1 - I think doing this program annually is not a bad plan for many other reasons besides weight loss. I think the supplements do in many ways reset your body to optimal conditions, just like going to the dentist for an annual cleaning helps keep your teeth healthy. I think the results say to do it for many reasons beyond weight loss and I will continue to do so indefinitely.

But, #2 - you are right. Why do I ride this roller coaster of weight?  Thankfully, the last 12 months have represented big changes for me on that front.  I kept eating better and better during the weeks (healthy lunches were the key for me - sorry, guys, but I opted out of the radio show lunch rotation) and therefore did not give back my progress.  I still enjoy great foods, but my moderation is helping.

So there you have it.  George likes me to write a brief report each year and I am happy to do it.  I believe in his program - not because he is a friend, but because it works for me.  Maybe you might find similar results.

Now, the price is down 33%.  Here is his website and I am telling you, I have done it - many times - and enjoy the results.  My wife does it, too.   Take a chance and see if it works for you.

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