Thursday, May 14, 2015

Football 201: Xs and Os Questions and Requests

Submit Your Xs & Os Questions Here

We have a window here after the draft where I have many blogging options ahead.  But, I also have your requests that have been submitted over the years about football concepts, strategies, and ideas. 

Every Thursday during the season, I post a study about Xs and Os. Here are a few examples of that from last season here from the Detroit Wildcard game and here from the Green Bay playoff game.  As I say in each and every post:

Here, we are not looking to call anyone out, and we surely want to leave open the possibility of our eyes deceiving us and more than anything, I want to admit that I don't have the benefit of the coaches telling me what coverage they were in. So, sometimes, this diagnosis will be "pretty sure" rather than "100% sure" even though I am trying to get it right. I will make calls and try to hunt down the right answer, but I will just admit right here that we will try our best to be accurate but invariably, I will see something wrong.
Anyway, now that we have 122 days between today and September 13, 2015 when foot hits leather to kick off the 2015 season, I think this is a chance for us to just talk football.  So, if you agree that a worthy charge of this blog during this time might be a weekly "Football 201″ class where you suggest topics and I try to break them down (or talk to someone who can), let's do this.
So, submit your ideas below.  So far, I have a request to breakdown the skill sets with tape  of each of the RBs the Cowboys have, to explain the difference between the Sam, Mike, and Will linebackers in the 4-3, to define "cloud coverage", and to simply explain how a team tries to pick up a blitz.  I will sift through these and choose one to get us started, but submit any question you want and I will answer it if I can.  No question is "too simple" so if you don't understand a concept about this game we all love, let's see if we can try to get you a simple answer.  Put them in the comments below or email me at and I will get this cooking.

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