Thursday, May 14, 2015

Xs and Os archive from 2014 Season

Here is a list of all of the times we had Xs and Os studies in the 2014 season.

at Green Bay Divisional Playoff - Game #18

Xs and Os - The Three Biggest Plays Of the Game - Kickoff fumble, Rodgers TD, 4th and 2

Defense - Cowboys living and then dying by their blitz

Offense - Questioning the Offensive decision making at end of each half

Morning After - The Moments that ended the run.

Detroit Wildcard Game - Game #17

Xs and Os - Pass Protection vs Blitz, Romo's Game Winning TD

Defense - Late Game Pass Rush When You need it Most

Offense - Garrett rolling the dice on 4th down (1st time ever)

at Washington - Game #16

Defense - Comparing 2015 season statistics to 2014

Offense - 1st and 10 runs, Romo passing less, winning more

Indianapolis - Game #15

Xs and Os - Romo hits Witten down seam with safeties watching Dez, Randle in pass pro

Defense - Sacks of zone blitzes

Offense - The sustainable, repeatable offense runs on 1st down no matter what

at Philadelphia - Game #14

Xs and Os - When they needed it most, the Cowboys had their drive of the season

Defense - Being ahead causes takeaways, team's record when 2 takeaways +

Offense - The Eagles thought single coverage on Dez would work.  Wrong.

at Chicago - Game #13

Xs and Os - Romo's big throw, Beasley circus TD, Church blows coverage

Defense - The defense is unable to get sacks

Offense - The near perfect attendance of the offensive line

Philadelphia - Game #12 - Thanksgiving

Defense - Broken assignments help the Eagles run for over 250 yards

Offense - The offense has a 3rd down slump that is disturbing

at New York - Game #11

Defense - Rolando McClain's finest game with the Cowboys, preparing for Chip Kelly

Offense - The Cowboys have been beating the blitz out of defenses

Bye Week

Xs and Os - Bye Week Edition - Tyrone Crawford is a Beast.

Offense - Decoding Linehan - Season to Date trends - 3rd Downs and Rushing

at Jacksonville (London) - Game #10

Xs and Os - Ground and Pound, Zone and Man blocking out of 12 personnel

Defense - Anthony Hitchens, Opposing QB Ratings vs Blitz

Offense - The Dez Bryant Show that was unleashed on London

Arizona - Game #9

Xs and Os - Defensive Line stunts for sacks and 4th and 1 failure

Defense - Allowing too many TDs and Tyler Patmon

Offense - Trying to win a game with a backup QB in Dallas

Washington - Game #8

Xs and Os - Romo is sacked over and over and over again.  Then, hurt.

Defense - The Colt McCoy QB Draw and Mincey's Big Sack

Offense - Washington's attack of the Dallas 3rd Down package, zone/man runs

Giants - Game #7

Xs and Os - Inside Zone Demolition, Romo on 3rd Down to Witten and Bryant

Defense - Mincey loses contain, Marinelli loses his mind.  Rolando McClain

Offense - Romo's mastery of situational football, Gavin Escobar's big day

at Seahawks - Game #6

Xs and Os - Punt Blocked, Pulling Guards, and Romo to Williams on 3rd and 20

Defense - Staying off the field, Containing Wilson, Closing the Deal

Offense - The Cowboys winning drive was 22 personnel ground and pound, G Power

Houston - Game #5

Xs and Os - JJ Watt beats Tyron Smith many times, but does not destroy the game

Defense -  Zone blitzes, JJ Wilcox, and the Cowboys 8-man deep

Offense - Romo wins the game with 2 ridiculous plays and 1 insane Dez catch

New Orleans - Game #4

Xs and Os - Tyrone Crawford, Cowboys run the same play twice, and Durant INT

Defense - The 2014 and 2013 defenses through September - identical

Offense - 10 yard runs, a coaching clinic zone run

At St Louis - Game #3

Xs and Os - Dez Bryant - a fantastic decoy and the Janoris Jenkins Pick 6

Defense -  Anthony Hitchens and Bruce Carter both make huge plays

Offense - Play Action Fake to Dez over the top TD

At Tennessee - Game #2

Xs and Os - Pulling Tyron, 3rd Down Work, Who busted on Delanie Walker TD?

Defense - Sterling Moore, takeaways, and 3rd Down defense

Offense - Time to get worried about Romo?  Counting the Box

San Francisco - Game #1

Xs and Os - Pirate stunt gets Romo, The OL was pretty good, Coverage bust on Vernon

Defense - The debut of Rolando McClain, Opponent's YPA

Offense - The frustrating Run/Pass Option Romo Decisions, 4 Giveaway Games

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