Saturday, June 04, 2016

Copa America - USMNT vs Colombia - June 3 - Running Notebook

June 3 - Levi Stadium

Geoff Cameron with a fantastic bit of skill in the 4th minute with a spin but then lost his man on a corner in the 8th minute as Cristian Zapata pounds one home with a right footed finish from the spot.


The amazing Juan Cuadrado of Juventus is problems down the right flank with quickness and ball skills and goes at Fabian Johnson.

It sure seems evident that the USA could use a true #10 playmaker. This is when it occurs to us that most of the best #10's in MLS are imports.
Gyasi Zardes provides real electricity up top if you can just get him some service.

Finally had a half chance in the 27th minute, but some good movement did not result in a shot of any substance.  Bobby Wood on the ball and Yedlin getting forward.

36th minute, Zardes finds Dempsey who shoots to the left post from 20 yards and just misses.  Very close chance there to lock it up.

Bradley with a very poor giveaway results in a counter.  Bradley then fouls and attempts to stop play but the advantage is properly played.  Ball gets sent in and Yedlin turns but the ball hits his hand and a penalty is given.  40th minute.  Rough break, but likely the right call.

James takes the penalty and makes no mistake.   2-0.

Weird half in that it seemed the US played pretty well, but a corner and a weird and flukey penalty is the difference and it is a substantial one.

2nd Half-

Seems like Jermaine Jones is almost just shadowing Cuadrado.  Bradley has really struggled.

I really don't understand no high press.

John Brooks with a mix-up with Cuadrado in the 53rd minute and offered a strong physical moment.  He is decent enough at his age to feel good about.

Not sure Bedoya is better than Zusi.  This is not a great spot for the US.

Colombia is a low possession team but they sit on the ball in the 2nd half because we are not pressing at all and I really don't get it.

59th minute corner from Bradley showed Dempsey with a huge chance that is kicked off the line by a defender.

63' - Dempsey with another set piece chance that required a great save by Ospina.  Dempsey curled it near post and it was very impressive.

In the 65th minute - 17 year old Christian Pulisic on for Bobby Wood and Jermaine Jones goes off for Darlington Nagbe.

Big counter chance for Colombia as Carlos Bacca gets a chance from Cuadrado at the spot gets deflected wide by Yedlin.

James is hurt - appears to be a shoulder issue.  Winner of the World Cup Golden Boot in 2014.

Celis is on for James Rodriguez who cannot continue in the 72nd minute.

Bedoya has started to create more in the last 10 minutes as he looks for a pass to unlock things.

Bacca off the bar in all alone on another Bradley turnover.  And then another Bradley turnover.

Dempsey with a chance in the 78th minute before he gets tied up with Pulisic.  It would be foolish to put Dempsey and Bradley in the same bin.

US had some possession in final minutes, but Bradley's volley wasn't close.

Zusi on for Bedoya in 87th.

Colombia 2, US 0

Costa Rica next on Tuesday, Paraguay next Saturday

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