Tuesday, June 07, 2016

Copa America - USMNT vs Costa Rica - June 7 - Running Notebook

Must-win game already for the USMNT.  And Jurgen Klinsmann is reportedly under fire in a do-or-die situation.  Imagine being the first team eliminated in a 16-team tournament that you are hosting.  Yikes.

So many seats available at Solider Field in Chicago.  Yikes, again.

Lineups - Same 11 for the USMNT.  Bizarre.

Here we go from a moderately populated Soldier Field.

Costa Rica jumps on the ball early.  

High press!  That can't hurt.  

Zardes with a ridiculous clearance attempt just about ends up a disaster as Joel Campbell strikes one wide of Guzan.  5'

Penalty on a beautiful chance in the CR area!  This is a no brainer as there is a push in the back on Bobby Wood by #16 Gamboa!  Yedlin with the cross from Bedoya!

Who will take the penalty?  Clint Dempsey, of course.   Costa Rica has been quite combative with our official over this call.  Can Dempsey cash in on career US goal #50?

YES!  1-0!  US!  9'

Bedoya with a nice feed to Wood on the edge.  Diagonal pass that is often missing.

Yedlin looks the part with strong play.  14'

Saborit on because 21 Urena is hurt some sort of shoulder issue.  17'  

Bobby Wood with impressive possession, but no real destination on his run.  20'

Fabian Johnson looks better than Friday.  Confident and going forward.

On a few occasions, the US is getting the ball in transition in the center circle and just turns and charges forward.  Dempsey does this well.  Just keep it and play-make.   Zardes with a half-chance in 27'

Dempsey feeds Zardes yet again and he fires it over the ball.  Must finish that!   '33

Jermaine Jones off a feed from Dempsey on a counter attack opens up a chance, but the shot goes high to the far corner on a curler.

Huge goal as Jones has pushed up and caused a turnover, Dempsey then play making in the other direction and sends it back to Jones for the finish to the far lower corner.  2-0!  37'

What a play!

CR with a chance in the US area on the counter.  But, US bodies get in front of it.  Dangerous.

Bobby Wood turns and fires for a wonder goal off another pass from Dempsey!   3-0!  Everything is going in!

What a first half and now with that goal differential situation, you might consider that.

United States 3, Costa Rica 0 - Halftime

Jones - age 34, Yedlin, Dempsey have all been great.  Very strong performance.

2nd Half - 

15 Salvatierra and 14 Azofeifa on.  16 Gamboa and 12 Campbell off.

US in a 4-4-2 now.  

54' - US is caught with a late run to 5 Borges who shoots high from the spot.  Costa Rica demonstrating a little scoring punch.  

Brooks and Yedlin have both had moments of massive composure with ball handling in their own box.  Crazy calm and they got away with it, so no worries, but man.  61'

Off the corner, Bryan Ruiz headed one of the woodwork, but the ball is called offside.  67'

Jermaine Jones contributions have been absurdly underrated for these last many years.

Graham Zusi is on, Bobby Wood is off.  What a goal in the 1st half.  

Jones finds Bedoya who might have just shot it, but he looks to feed Zardes instead.  Miss chance there, but great idea.  

Wondolowski on for Dempsey.   78'

How did Costa Rica not score on that set piece at '83?  Amazing let off.  

Finally, high press beauty with the turnover and the finish from Graham Zusi.  Love it.  

This is as easy a win in a big competition that we have seen in forever.

3 points! 

USA 4, Costa Rica 0

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