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Copa America - USMNT vs Ecuador - June 16 - Quarterfinals - Running Notebook

Here is the Quarterfinal match with Ecuador vs USMNT in Seattle.

The USA is without Yedlin who took a red card.

Very bizarre choice without Yedlin of moving Johnson from left back to right back and putting in Besler when most expected Orozco to play as he did against Paraguay.

Ecuador has a couple of their big guns down with Bolanos and Jamie Ayovi both on the bench.

Here we go.

US gets first attempt on goal and Zardes deflects on wide for a corner for US.  3'

Jefferson Montero gets down and earns a corner on the left.  

Montero with a drive that goes high.  5'  dangerous winger from Swansea.  

This is the portion of the blog where we observe that ECU have a midfield with a player from Manchester United next to a player from FC Dallas.  

Enner Valencia with a chance inside the area and a counter from the US is spoiled on a horrible ball from Jermaine Jones.  9'

Fabian Johnson whipped a ball in and it was dangerous looking for a brief moment.  

ECU doesn't look overly confident defending, either, to be honest.

Gruezo from distance with a worm burner.  12'

Bradley on a corner finds Cameron who was looking to flick on to Wood and it misses at the back post.  Nice idea, though.  

A harmless chance almost turns into something as Wood gets to a slow roller and almost pokes it past the keeper.  Beautiful chance.  17'

Very shaky defending and a deflection off Cameron goes right to Arroyo and the chance goes high.  Some unforced errors now.  19'

GOAL - The United States carve open the defense with a beautiful run from Wood who then pulls back for Jermaine Jones and he puts it right on the head of Clint Dempsey who makes no mistake picking out the top right hand corner!  A real impressive finish.  1-0, 22'

Now with the lead, the US can certainly decide to sit back in their 4-4-2 and counter.  

That is Dempsey's 52nd US goal, trailing only Landon Donovan with 57 - All-time.

Zardes goes down on a foul in 26'

Dempsey with another chance.  A hard strike that Dominguez stops on the ground.  27'

Big shot for Ecuador - Arroyo from the spot and John Brooks deflects and sends it back.

Then Mina gets a boot up against Wood.  

ECU starting to pick up play a bit.  They continue to look dangerous.  Meanwhile, John Brooks doesn't look right health-wise.

Valencia fouls Besler on a turnover.  34'

Johnson sends in Wood with an early ball and Mina saves his skin with a toe poke for a corner.  Brooks still looks hurt.

Surge for ECU and Jermaine Jones gets back to snuff it out some.  37'

A great counter and Dempsey found Bedoya who hit it right into the goalie.  Big chance lost.  41'

We will have 2 minutes of extra time in the first half.  

ECU with another huge chance.  Brooks falls and Cameron tries to hassle Arroyo but the powerful man blows through and gets off a shot that is saved by Guzan.  Well done!  46'

He then goes and gets a corner for another stop.  Guzan stayed sharp and was ready.  

2nd half - 

Jermaine Jones fouls Montero over in the corner.  Not really necessary.

Set piece from that spot.  Headed on twice and E Valencia had a real chance.  48'

Antonio Valencia and Jermaine Jones are both given red cards!

Valencia kicked out the legs of Bedoya for no good reason, it seems.  I have no idea what Jones did.  I guess he pushed on Arroyo's face.  Weird for sure, but very penal.  

Then, Wood takes a yellow and that will be a game for him, too.  53'

Chance!  Bradley picks out Zardes who sends it back for Dempsey from straight on at 22 yards.  59'  

Offside flag catches ECU on high line.  

Montero with some impressive moves on a run, but a shot on a lay-off goes high.

Gaibor in for Noboa.  62'

Parades given a yellow going in high on Wood.  64'

GOAL!!!!  A beautiful ball from Brooks finding Wood into the left corner.  Pulled back Besler curls it in to Zardes who plays it back to Dempsey.  Deuce sends it right down the line and a finish by Zardes!!!  2-0.  Beautiful  

Chance for EDU as service to E Valencia heads it over the bar.  He got behind Cameron a bit.  68'

US concedes a corner after some opportunities for ECU that are less than stellar.

Ramirez on and Gruezo off.  72'

Foul on Bedoya as he takes down Paredes.  Bedoya given yellow and he will miss the semifinal.  

GOAL for Ecuador.  Off a set piece and a beautiful play is converted Arroyo scores from distance and we have a game.  2-1.  74'

Beckerman in for Dempsey.  75'

Ecuador is really coming now.  Another chance is looped in and a header goes just wide.  13 Valencia with a poor conversion.  But, things are getting rough now.  77'

Now, Valencia is finding some space again.  Another chance is headed wide.  Yikes.  78'

Ecuador has the US on the run.  Another chance just goes over the bar.

Here comes another sub.  J Avoyi in for Paredes.  Their final sub.

Now, the US is defending hard in their own end.  Fabian Johnson that time.  

Zusi is on with some fresher legs.  

Guzan comes out to sweep that ball and secures it to put out a fire himself.  86'

The Ecuadorian coach has been expelled for cussing out the ref.  

The ECU comes right don and has a chance to put another one away and it was luckily deflected wide by Brooks.  Fortunate.  Wow.  90'

Now, 4 minutes of stoppage time.  

Brooks stops a big Arroyo run!  

Corner for ECU with 1 minute to go.   The chance pings around and the US survives again.  

Birnbaum on now for Zardes.  Blow the whistle.    There it is!

USA wins again!

USA 2, Ecuador 1

It was a wonderful win.  Not dominant, but the USA always looked fine.  They had to hold on late, but really survived well again.  

A three win tournament!!!  The Klinsmann era will continue indefinitely because this Copa is clearly in the win column.  Anything else is clear gravy.  

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