Friday, December 13, 2019

Friday Riffing: Previewing Cowboys-Rams; Dak’s slump; how good is the Dallas O-line, really?


First time teams have seen each other since 2018 Divisional Playoff game:

  • Dallas scored a touchdown on its opening drive and then nothing for several drives

  • Dallas then fell behind 23-7 by the late stages of the third quarter

  • Dallas’ offense could not drive the football because of consistent third-down problems (1-10)

  • Dallas’ defense could not generate sacks or takeaways often enough (o-o)

  • Dallas could not flip field position until it was too late

  • Dallas could not generate offensive production until it was too late

Some quick hits on the Rams:

  • Since Jalen Ramsey and Taylor Rapp entered the starting lineup in Week 7, Rams are first in sacks (30) and second in PPG allowed (15.4). If not for the Monday night meltdown vs. the Lamar Jackson juggernaut, it would be 10.5 PPG. Is this the best defense of the Aaron Donald era?

  • Blitzing is way up since Week 6. Since making the huge changes at cornerback, it is clear that the Rams are playing a more aggressive style of defense and Wade has unleashed far greater pressure than we have seen in Los Angeles. Fowler, Matthews, Ebukan and, of course, Donald are now being aided with LB/DB pressure. They weren’t blitzing early in the year, but that has changed quite a bit.

Bob picked Rams to win, 28-20

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