Monday, December 30, 2019

The Morning After: Cowboys Fade to Black in 2019. It's Time for a New Script.


Cowboys win finale, 47 - 16 over WAS

Final record: 8-8 (2nd in NFC East)

Fun (depressing) stats noted in this piece:

  • Dallas has not put back-to-back 10-win seasons since 1996

  • Back-to-back playoff berths: 1998 - 1999 and 2006 - 2007; both cases, lost first playoff game

  • Garrett (pre-firing) presided over nine full seasons as Cowboys head coach and missed the playoffs six times - including in his first, second, and third year

Jerry Jones quote following season-finale:

I always start [with myself]. When you work for yourself, you have to evaluate and you have to change what you’re doing. You don’t fire yourself. That’s an impossibility. You look at what you can do better and you go do it better it you can.


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