Monday, December 23, 2019

The Morning After: History Repeats Itself for Cowboys, With a Glimmer of Hope - The End is Near

 The Morning After: History Repeats Itself for Cowboys, With a Glimmer of Hope - The End is Near



This was a trend for the Cowboys during the Garrett era: Big-time stakes late in season, only to come up short.

2011 - Loss to NYG, 31-14 - Eliminated from playoffs with loss

2012 - Loss to WAS, 28-18 - Eliminated from playoffs with loss 

2013 - Loss to PHI, 24-22 - Eliminated from playoffs with loss

2019 - Loss to PHI, 10-6 - Puts PHI in first place with 1 game to play; would be eliminated following week

Eagles win despite a multitude of injuries

Lane Johnson did not suit up

Nelson Agoholor did not suit up

Alshon Jeffrey did not suit up

Jalen Mills injured leg during game

Fletcher Cox injured arm during game

Zach Ertz played with hurt ribs

Cowboys had 11 possessions and punted six times

Three field goals, Tony Pollard fumble made up the other four possessions 

Prescott does not answer the bell (even though he played hurt)

Too many overthrown balls - missed Tavon Austin AND Michael Gallup on deep balls that would have definitely been touchdowns

Play of the game: 4th and 8, PHI 23 yard line.. No Cooper, no Cobb on the field, Garrett does not take a timeout to get them into the game. Play results in an underthrown ball, first down is not achieved, ball goes over to PHI on downs and game (and season) is over. 

“This franchise does not have the coach it deserves. It’s time for the Cowboys to move on from Jason Garrett; that is a given. But I feel like there’s a bigger priority at play. Jerry Jones has to be willing to step aside and cede control of the franchise to someone in the Jimmy Johnson/Bill Parcells mold who would take the job only as long as he had full control over the football decisions and the owner stayed out of his way. If you plan on keeping everything the same as a franchise, then I suppose you might as well stay with Jason Garrett. In my estimation, it isn’t the head coach that is the actual issue here. He is just a symptom of the bigger disease, one that goes back a few decades.”

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