Monday, November 28, 2005

Monday Without Cowboys Angst

Lots of links, very little original content today, but that is the way the cookie crumbles on a weekend with no Cowboys and no relevant college football on Saturday.

Irvin, at best, makes a very poor decision

Mr. Irvin told the AP that the drug pipe police found in his car belonged to an old friend who had left a Houston rehab center to spend Thanksgiving with the Irvin family in their Carrollton home.

"I know the type of demons they have to fight and I am going to help them, because it's the only way I can keep them from getting to my family. I have to clean up my friends because they are around my boys. It's upsetting."

Mr. Irvin said he put the pipe in his car rather than leave it in his house where his four children might find it. He said he intended to throw it away but forgot. Mr. Irvin would not tell The Associated Press his friend's name.

Again, even if you buy his story, you still have to suggest that the dude should realize that he cannot decide to “hold his buddy’s crack pipe”.

Lebreton on the case

Back in February, the first time Irvin did not make the Hall of Fame cut, I wrote quite a bit about the football aspect of it all. I was checking it out this morning to review it, and thought you might want to do the same thing:

February 8, 2005 and February 9, 2005


From the “you cannot write this stuff” department, Aggie tosses Horse feces on the Longhorns band ….

A sophomore member of Texas A&M University's Parsons Mounted Cavalry was charged Friday with throwing horse feces onto members of the University of Texas band before the A&M-UT football game.

John Richmond Sullivan, 20, was seen by a University Police Department lieutenant throwing a shovel full of horse feces onto band members at Kyle Field at about 10 a.m. Friday, according to an officer's affidavit.

UT band director Robert Carnochan told police that he and the band members did not want to press criminal charges, though they did want Texas A&M to discipline Sullivan, the court documents state.


Eagles accuse Jerry Jones of tampering while on the Ticket! …

Click here for the audio
Mavs try to make plans without Josh Howard for a while

Stackhouse is eager to return, but the Mavericks want to make sure his right knee is free from swelling before he makes his season debut. Doug Christie was waived last week, further weakening the depth at shooting guard and small forward.

"We're pretty light in that position without Stackhouse and with the Christie situation," Nowitzki said. "Obviously, I'm concerned. But what are you going to do? We've never seen him hurt. So we'll have to respond."

Coach Avery Johnson has several options for altering the playing rotation. He has had success with small guards Jason Terry and Devin Harris on the floor at the same time and could move Marquis Daniels to Howard's small forward spot.

Or he could slide Keith Van Horn into the lineup, with Nowitzki moving to small forward for a bigger look.


Jere Lehtinen is back with a vengeance

Lehtinen has points in five of the past six games, including four goals and two assists. He scored the first goal Saturday night in a 3-1 victory at Nashville and continues to lead the Stars with 12 goals this season.

Though scoring is up throughout the league, it's hard not to notice the 32-year-old Lehtinen's resurgence this year. With three game-winning goals in only 23 games, he is one shy of his total from 2003-04. And the winger needs only one more goal to reach 13, his total in 58 games that season.


Another week, another new and exciting way to get a loss Eagles 19, Packers 14 …And yes, I still care…

Coakley not having a blast in St Louis

"It's very frustrating when you're not on the field and you feel as though you could help," Coakley said. "When you're standing on the sideline, that's not the place you want to be. If you have an ounce of competitiveness in your spirit, in your bones, you want to be out there on the field competing with the guys.

"So, it gets tough at times. ... But I can't worry about what the coaches are doing. If I try to focus on what they're doing, then I'm not focused on playing football. I'm not going to get caught up in, why this guy or that guy is not playing. When you do play, just go out there and make plays."

A nice feature on the new Rangers GM …save for this very concerning quote:

Nevertheless, Daniels stressed at the GMs' meetings, "We're not the Yankees. We're not the Mets. We're not the Red Sox. We are a mid-to-lower-third-tier-payroll team. For us to accomplish our goals, we're going to need to continually be developing our own players.

" ... I don't want to be a team that has one [good] year. I'd love to have success at any point, but I want to be able to have success and sustain it for the long term."

Mid to lower third payroll team? The “lower third” constitutes teams 21-30 in major league baseball. DFW is media market #6. You do the math.

Here is some weekend +/- numbers for the Mavericks thanks to Mike Bacsik:

Memphis vs Dallas Loss Game 12

Terry -12, Daniels 0, Howard -4, Nowitzki -7, Dampier -7
Harris -24, Van Horn -16, Diop +1, Powell -16, Armstrong -5, Marshall -5, Mbenga -5

Dallas vs Miami Game 11

Terry +5, Daniels +23, Howard +12, Nowitzki +1, Dampier +2
Harris +9, Diop +7, Van Horn +5, Powell +1

Leia’s metal …I swear.


Bob Sturm's Sports Merkin said...

I hate Tom Hicks.

Anonymous said...

Hasn't Irvin figured out he needs to get some better friends by now?


I hate Tom Hicks.

Anonymous said...

I hate Tom Hicks too. And the only way you can get back at him is to not waste your money on his lousy teams. I haven't gone to a Rangers game in 4 years now and I won't give that joker one dime of my money.

Anonymous said...

Hate Tom Hicks???

Why just because he's run the Rangers into the ground, that's no reason to Hate the man. I just hope he doesn't make another "mistake" and win an "unfortunate" championship by waking up a writing checks. He has a family to feed, Tom save your money, don't worry about winning. Look to beacons of successful ownership like the Bidwell's in Arizona and Donald Sterling in LA. You to can be one of the Greats!

F- Hicks, Free John Daniels!!

meredith said...

I'm not one for talking smack, but Bob rips my hometown so often that I really have no choice this time.

A Wonderful Day for an Eagles Fan:

Going to the Linc, sitting 13 rows off the field, watching the Eagles beat the Pack (even if it was an ugly, meaningless game), and then hearing, as you get off the subway and into your car, that the oh-so-religious Michael Irvin has been arrested for possession of a crack pipe.

Happy Thanksgiving, indeed.

Anonymous said...

If there is a true God in heaven, Irvin's friend will turn out to be.....Deion Sanders.

By the way, possession of drug paraphanalia is only a Class B misdemeanor and usually the punishment is a fine $1500 or so and 12 to 18 months probation. Not really a big deal legally, but plenty funny.

Norm needs to move was just a crack pipe!! It couldv'e been rolling papers, a crushed soda can, tin foil, or 100 other things.

Anonymous said...

BTW, I FULLY EXPECT an article from Kevin Blackistone this week blaming all of Irvins problems on the "white man"

Anonymous said...

Why in the hell is Detroit firing Mariucci and not that spare Matt Millen!?! Watch Mooch end up in Green Bay and probably turn the thing around there, while the Lions will bring in yet another coach and still continue to suck.

Anonymous said...

come on people / Bob, read every word. It says "third TIER", not "third".

How many tiers are their? 3, 4, 5? It wouldn't surprise me to learn that Daniels was describing a system with 5 tiers. Still not where YOU want the rangers to be, but not in the bottom 3rd either.

But even still, the rangers financial situation is still rotten, so...

Anonymous said...

ORRRRR he could have been talking about a system with 50 "tiers" if the Rangers are in the 3rd tier out of 50, I would say that is pretty good.
Come on Dip...he was talking about the bottom 3rd.

P1 Mike

Anonymous said...

Screw me, the charge against Irvin is ONLY a class C misdemeanor (it's different from County to County), but that's like a speeding ticket or having your inspection sticker out. I can't stand the guy, but this sure is alot of hype for a little old class C misdemeanor.

Now if this was Dan McDowell or dare I wish it, Corby, I'd really be interested.

Anonymous said...

Today is a sad sad day in the history of great Vietnamese pro football players. Please come back soon Dat, if nothing else so we can hear your lovely wife laugh again.

Anonymous said...

The newspapers haven't said what kind of pipe it was--just a "drug pipe." I think jumping to the conclusion that it was crack and not marijuana or something else is a little presumptive.

It may have been an oversized corncob pipe full of crystal meth.

Anonymous said...

has anyone seen the comments Dre Bly made about J. Harrington:

Talk about throwing someone under the bus, its more like tying him to the train track. That place (Det.) is falling apart!!!

Anonymous said...

I think it's high time (rock me) that we all accuse Irvin of being an idiot, so that "Elvis Impersonating Man" will show up on the blog. That's entertainment right there.