Monday, January 24, 2005

And then there were 2...

We are now down to 1 football game this season. Cue sad piano music.

Notes from Philadelphia 27, Atlanta 10

· This game sure was easy to forecast. Jim Johnson brought the blitz plenty, daring Vick to make throws to beat them. Those throws never came, and the Eagles victory was almost never in doubt.
· When Tivo was invented, do you think it was conceived with the main purpose of being able to rewind again and again when a fan runs on the field and then is tackled by security? Fox (or, the network that brings you morals) insists that they quickly change cameras to keep this man from offending Joe Buck, but thanks to Tivo, I bogged down for 5 minutes on it.
· Do the Falcons receivers in any way resemble the group of receivers that McNabb was forced to carry around the field last year? Vick might need a little more help than that.
· Either I am getting old, or Freddie Mitchell swung and missed when he got his hair did. And, yes, white people, I meant, “hair did”.
· Does Brian Dawkins make a big play in every game he plays or just almost every game he plays. By the way, the notebook had the word “ballgame” written after that ill-advised throw by Vick.
· I will admit I love Jeremiah Trotter. He is good strong.
· Bryant Westbrook may be over-rated by the announcers, but I doubt it.
· Just as we suspected, the NFC really did only have one good team this year. If the 2nd best team in the conference is the Falcons, then the NFC lacks quality. No disrespect to Philly’s accomplishment, especially given the fact that they did it without the great T.O., but they didn’t have to go through one of the great playoff conquests of all-time, now did they?

And now, I address those who, like me, wish Philadelphia nothing but the worst:

· This heard in the Fox production truck: “Ooo, another big play by the Eagles! Quick, get that camera back on Owens! That would be very relevant to our viewers for the 57th time today!” By the way, have the “will Terrell play” stories begun? I cannot wait to sink my teeth into this story that is most likely to be run into the ground by the media. I hope he breaks his other leg getting into his car. (Did I type that out loud?)
· Figuring that the football gods will not allow the Eagles to win a Super Bowl until they get their thugs (er, fans) under control, is it more delicious to think of a Super Bowl loss being added to the legacy of “next year’s champ”? I wish I could be certain.
· And yes, I will admit that all Philadelphia fans are not thugs, if you will admit that not all citizens of Nazi Germany were really Nazis. They just went along with the crowd, right?
· By the way, stop all of the silly “we are really a lot like Boston Red Sox fans” crap! You know, 1918 is a long time. 1960? Do you have any idea how many teams (in just football) have not won a title since 1960 or in some cases, not AT ALL? The Cardinals, the Lions, the Vikings, the Saints, the Falcons, and the Bengals. The Chargers, Jets, Bills, Chiefs, Browns and Oilers have not won since the 60’s, either. The Seahawks, Panthers, Jaguars, and even Texans (what the heck) have never won. So, I just named 16 teams with similar fates as yours in a league with only 32 teams. I know it is extra dramatic to tie yourself in with America’s biggest sports story of 2004, but simmer down now. You are nothing close to the Red Sox.

Notes from Patriots 41, Steelers 27

· Remember yesterday’s blog about not picking against the Patriots until they prove that they can lose? Do you now understand why I have already picked them for the Super Bowl?
· How long did it take 70,000 Steelers fans to turn on their beloved team? Less than 1 quarter.
· I want to hear someone (Norm or Dale come to mind) tell me again that they prefer the NFL before replay. You had two crucial reversals in this game that greatly impacted the outcome. If the goal of the game is to make sure the team that deserves to win does, then you MUST have instant replay. Even if it is only right 95% of the time. I realize it is frustrating that those other 5% get screwed up, but the logic that you should throw out the system because of that is as silly as suggesting that you should get rid of seat belts because people still die in car accidents.
· Yes, Big Ben is a rookie. Yes, he played like it. Do we need to go over the details?
· Tom Brady makes all of the good throws and none of the bad ones. I don’t mean to get carried away about him, but if the name of the game is make big throws and don’t turn the ball over, then how doesn’t he get recognized as a top 3 QB in the league right now by everyone?
· I don’t get Bill Cowher not going for it on 4th and goal, early in the 4th Quarter down 31-17. When you play it safe in the playoffs, you lose. Mike Sherman in 2003, Marty Schottenheimer every year, Herman Edwards last week all played overly conservative at the most crucial moment of the games they lost. Cowher may have lost either way, but if you score a TD, maybe the Patriots get a bit rattled. Instead, you kick a FG that really doesn’t change the situation (you still need two more scoring drives to tie) and the Patriots shake it off by getting the FG right back.
· And what is Phil Simms doing agreeing with that call?
· 14 Takeaways in 3 AFC Championship games sure makes football look pretty easy for New England, eh?


Peter King’s MMQB

First, the Rangers drop out of Delgado chase

We gave it our best shot," Rangers owner Tom Hicks said. "We're moving on. They are still continuing to talk to other clubs. We clarified on Sunday what his role would be here. We already have a first baseman who is a part of the core of our team. The position we were interviewing for was DH."

Since they have a first baseman already, and we all know that they have plenty of financial flexibility, I am sure they are ready to lock up Mark Teixeira, right?

Then, the Mets drop out

Somehow, Tiger Woods wins first stroke play event in 16 months …I guess we can't blame his wife for screwing things up anymore.

Sources suggest it is 60/40 Vikes deal Moss …and maybe more importantly for the Vikings fans and haters, Red McCombs close to selling (he says)...

Engel on the man who killed the NHL

Jim Bates to run that woeful Packers defense ..

Adande says the Eagles saved Philadelphia

Mike Wise says that Brady may not be perfect, but he is close

Dunleavy wanted Devin Harris …But instead decided on Shaun Livingston


Anonymous said...

Good point. Using Teixeira as an argument for not going after Delgado anymore would lead you to believe they definetely want to lock him up long term despite the fact that he's a Borat client. If they don't get him though they should probably relocate the team to Albuquerque as they have completely drifted off into ridiculousness.

meredith said...

And yes, I will admit that all Philadelphia fans are not thugs, if you will admit that not all citizens of Nazi Germany were really Nazis. They just went along with the crowd, right?Classy, Bob. I think this is the dumbest thing you've ever said. Oh! And I think Brett Favre just threw another interception.

Bill Howard said...

Fly Eagles Fly! "Obnoxious" Philly fans are heading to Jacksonville! This is beautiful. If anyone can post the video of that fan getting drilled, please do. Looks like Jim Johnson miked in the play through the security guard's earpiece. Helluva tackle.

I'm cautiously optimistic about this game. There is no question TO will play, that was confirmed after Fox showed him jumping up and down on the bench cheering on the crowd throughout the fourth quarter. It sure didn't look that serious.

As for the Delgado deal, does anyone else think that the Rangers didn't want to spend the money all along so they made a PR move and offered a contract -- a contract they knew he wouldn't ultimately accept? To change the rules of the game like that at the last second is ridiculous. Then the Rangers can bail but say they were serious about spending money they likely never wanted to spend. I'd rather they have spent the Delgado money on pitching anyway.

Anonymous said...

nice last second touching of the mavs base there

JIM said...

We'll see Vick and Roethlisberger later on in the big game.
At this point, New England is such a force that you will have to wait until Belichick and Pioli, player personnel director have left the team.

Also, think about this: If Payton Manning struggled versus Belichick's D, What makes you think that Roethlisberger could have done better?

Give all these Quarterbacks time and in Vick's case a premier receiver and they will compete for a Lombardi trophy in a few years.....