Friday, January 28, 2005

Who is George Sauer Jr?

If you are relatively new to Bob’s Blog, you may be shocked by the very random nature of the occasional football history post. In the past, I have featured Joe Kapp, the Immaculate Reception, and many other great old school football topics not because they are relevant, but rather because they are relevant to me. So, feel free to bypass my ramblings about the good old days, or sit back and enjoy today’s entry.

George Sauer

So, last night, I am enjoying another hour of viewing from a DVD set I received for Christmas, Super Bowl Collection, I – X , and was watching the summary of 1968 in pro football and then the historic Super Bowl III between the Colts and the Jets. I must tell you if you love old school NFL, you might need to buy this!

Anyway, I was enjoying the Super Bowl III highlights that I have seen a hundred times, and was watching WR George Sauer make catch after catch in this game for a total of 8 catches for 133 yards. Basically 2/3rds of every yard Joe Namath was credited for went to George Sauer. He was opposite Don Maynard, who had a far less significant contribution to the upset of the favored Colts. Of course, Sauer, is relatively anonymous to my generation, while Namath is constantly presented to us as the one of a kind superstar that he was (despite his statistics being very disappointing). By the way, Namath played well in this game, but the adoration seems excessive for his performance when you actually watch the game and study the statistics. Matt Snell's running and the Baltimore Colts 5 Turnovers were the reason that the 18-point favorite Colts went down to the biggest upset in football history. Of course, Namath did make the guarantee, so history will never forget him.

Anyway, my DVD had a few special feature vignettes at the end of the game, and one was a 5-minute story about Sauer. The details were pretty interesting about a guy I knew almost nothing about. Including:

· He retired at 27 after 4 Pro Bowls in 5 years, and being a star in Super Bowl III
· He claimed he retired because he lost any desire to play football and found football to be too savage and attempted to become an author
· His dad was the scout who signed him, and also a star for Nebraska and Green Bay in the 1930’s and part of the Packers 1936 title team
· He was given a full scholarship at Texas when he was born (long story)

Anyway, a father-son combination in the NFL that I didn’t know much about, but now I am a bit more familiar with the great George Sauer, Jr.

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Patrick said...

Nice entry, Bob! Please keep posting these sorts of stories. At least one loyal blog reader appreciates this a bunch.

Anonymous said...

The blog has definetely taken its game to a new level this season.

Observer said...

Wow, a 9-year-old scouted by Man U? Maybe he can teach Ronaldo a thing or two about playing with some maturity.

mateojayo said...

Who is George Sauer.....he eft the University of Texas before his Senior year. His Dad (George Sauer Sr.) drafted him in the 6th round for the New York Jets. He played for 6 years. He averaged 16 yards per catch. In 1967 he led the AFL in receptions (over Alworth & Maynard). He retired in 1971 to become an Author. He retured to football in 1974 to play for the New York Stars of the World Footabll League (Babe Parelli Coach) He later coached at Oberlin College in Ohio. He did some coaching in the Minor Leagues and later joined Pro Volleyball Circut.....As Don Maynard said in the Sauer clip..."There was never a better receiver in the league than George. He could do it all. What more could you want".

JRK said...

George Sauer was co-captain of the 1960 Waco High School Tiger Football Team; my father was head coach. They won the distinction of being co-champions of the Texas 13-AAAA District. Mr. Sauer later wrote me to state that this was his "second most memorable [year] of my [his] football career. The most memorable was the 1968 NFL Championship season of the New York Jets, my [his] fourth year as a professional player. I [He] did play for the 1963 National Championship team at the University of Texas, but the 1960 Waco High season is [was] more meaningful and significant to me [him]." I remember George as a smart, talented player/thinker.

Reid M Squires said...

George Sauer, Sr., and George Sauer, Jr. both coached teams I played on in the old American Football Association. Senior coached in 1979, when George Jr. was our receivers coach. In 1980, George Jr. was our head coach and he took us to the American Bowl both years. George, Jr. had the special ability to bring out the best in each individual and formed our diverse group (all from major college programs or the NFL) into a tight knit cohesive unit. His approach to being a head coach was low key, yet he accepted nothing but an individual;s best. One of the best I played for in 14 years of football.

sales said...

Considering Joe's significance to the game, I recommend a re-watch of the game. He was instrumental throughout the game, even more than the coach, pumping up the players and directing their performance. Check-out his sideline work, going up and down the ranks talking with players - he was definately a key contributor to their win.

Moving South said...

I went to North Junior High, and Waco High School, and The Univ. of Texas with George. He has not attended any reunions. Does anyone know how to contact George Sauer, Jr or know the city he lives in?

B-Boppin Bob said...

Sauer was one of my favorite Jets. Actually, my aunt dated Bill Mathis, another Jet in super bowl Iii. Super receiver, Sauer & Maynard were a great combination. Actually, Maynard stretched a ligament in the AFL title game & was used mostly as a decoy in the game vs. The Colts.

Same year Sauer retired, 1971, Namath tore up his knee (again) in the very first oreseasin game against the Lions, if not, maybe Jets would've been back in the Super Bowl. what if?

Timothy Fasano said...

George Sauer Jr passed away in May 2013. He was 69 years old and suffered from Alzheimer. His only relative was his sister. Sad.