Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Who do we believe?

There is a great divide right now locally between those that believe the Rangers and those that don’t. The Rangers local credibility has not been called into question like this in a long time. Now, when a story like Delgado develops, you are left wondering if you are getting the full story.

For instance, reports from yesterday’s Newberg Report Suggest the following:

The Rangers responded by telling Sloane on Sunday morning that while their Friday proposal was not position-dependent, any increased offer would be.
Stated another way, the only increased offer Texas would consider -- over and above the $48 million proposal to Sloane that they'd characterized on Friday as their "best shot" -- would be one conditioned on Delgado's agreement to DH. And the same timetable would be in place; the Rangers would need to have an answer by the end of the day on Sunday.

Stated yet another way, the four-year, $48 million offer that Texas made Carlos Delgado was not conditioned on him being a designated hitter, contrary to most accounts.

So, here is the rub. Am I supposed to believe that they WOULD move Teixeira, Mench, and possibly Nix around to accommodate Delgado if he takes 4/$48, but they would NOT do this if he demanded an extra million a year? They seem so convicted now that Tex should not be moved, and thus take the best fielding first baseman out to left field, but just 3 days a go, that conviction did not exist if Carlos took that initial offer? That seems like a very dumb/silly reason to position your line-up.

So, was this a case of getting cold feet? Was it a case of appeasing your fan base by “trying” to acquire talent? After the credibility hits from Fuson, Alex, and the fact that “Financial Flexibility” has not meant anything so far, many of us are wondering where the truth lies…

Sherrington on Delgado

Sure, Delgado would have been an offensive threat here. But it's pertinent to note that, had Tom Hicks signed him, Delgado no longer would have had the advantage of facing Ranger pitching.

Bringing up another point: The pursuit of Delgado's one thing, but wouldn't a starting pitcher have been better?

The Yankees got Randy Johnson. The Astros re-upped with Roger Clemens.
Of course, they didn't come cheap, either. More importantly, they wouldn't have come here.
Pitchers don't like Ameriquest Field. Too hot, and the ball jumps out of the place.
But what about Derek Lowe? A groundball pitcher who might have been a great fit at Ameriquest Field, he instead chose the excesses of Dodgers Stadium.
He wasn't great last season: 14-12 with a 5.42 ERA, nearly three runs a game higher than when he went 21-8 in 2002.

But he was 3-0 with a 1.86 ERA in the postseason. And if the Rangers ever get there again, wouldn't it be nice to have someone with a track record?
Another thing: Isn't Lowe, 31, worth the $36 million over four years he got from the Dodgers? Maybe. But you also hear that it might have taken as much as $12 million a year here.

No one knows for sure because the Rangers didn't pursue him like they did Delgado. Only the results were the same.

So now, it is on to Magglio: Evan Grant is there

If the Rangers are convinced he's healthy, Ordoñez could be intriguing. He has a .406 career average at Ameriquest Field in Arlington, the highest average for any active player with at least 50 at-bat there. He also averaged 32 homers and 118 RBIs in the five seasons before 2004.

So is there a batter who has poor career numbers at the Ballpark?

T.R. Sullivan is there , too…

The Rangers were looking at Delgado to be a designated hitter and had the same thoughts about Ordonez. Boras said that's not going to be the case.
"Between him, Richard Hidalgo and Kevin Mench, Magglio would certainly be the best right fielder of all three," Boras said.

Ordonez is a four-time All-Star, but, for the Rangers, it all comes back to his health.

Ah yes, Boras puts Magglio in Right Field. Who would have assumed anything else?

Gary Adornato on the items not adding up


Good story on NFL Greats who never played in the Super Bowl

Charles Martin, 46

In 1986, at a peak in the Bears-Packers rivalry, Martin drove McMahon into the ground after the quarterback had thrown a pass. McMahon was out for the rest of the season with a shoulder injury. Martin was wearing a towel with the numbers of Bears’ players on it during the game. McMahon’s No. 9 was at the top of the list. Martin was ejected for a flagrant late hit and suspended for two games.

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Razor proposes summer hockey …may be proof that he is really bored…


Big Daddy said...

Bob -

I don't think Razor's far from being right on this one. The NHL would only have to compete with one sport rather than 2, and the other positives (i.e. better dates)are certainly worth considering. All that, plus we'd get a full season this year, rather than the 30 game "regular season" we'd be looking at if a labor deal gets reached.

Patrick said...

I think Razor might be getting a wee bit stir-crazy. Does he expect the AHL to shift their season as well? What about the ECHL, and college hockey? Or will each team get to keep a practice squad after the AHL finishes up? Hmmm, maybe I'm getting as hockey stir-crazed as he is... This could actually work.

Anonymous said...

Re: The Newberg Report story:
Is it so difficult to believe that the Rangers actually went out and gave their BEST possible offer instead of their "BEST" possible offer (with the idea that its not really our best, but its what we're gonna open negotiations with)? I'll buy that they offered him the max that they intended to, and when Sloane came back and said "Do better." they told him to F-off. At worst, you can blame the team for not building in bargaining room in their first offer, but I've no problem with them refusing to jump just because the agent said to.