Sunday, January 30, 2005

Unitas smoking?

Nothing too special for you on a Sunday edition, except this gem. Over dinner last night, the topic of football cards came up between Mike Rhyner and me. I mentioned to him (and now to you, dear reader) that I had discovered a wonderful website that appears to have pictures of nearly every old football card.

This led us to the discussion of the 1960 Topps John Unitas card, seen below:

Rhyner suggested Unitas appears quite stoned. I will not assume anything, but it does make you wonder.


Rick Gosselin compares 90’s Cowboys and 00’s Patriots

Just when you thought you could trust the Mavericks…. They lose to Philadelphia AT HOME and WITHOUT IVERSON!!!

Mavericks notes …including this number:

The Mavericks are 0-8 this season when scoring below 90 points.

Sunday Revo

Mark Stein on Nash for MVP


meredith said...

I was at the Mavs/Sixers game last night (in my Iverson jersey, of course) and there is no way the Mavs should have lost that game.

Good times.

meredith said...

oh, and if Humble Billy doesn't make you want to gouge your eyes out with a spork, nothing will.