Saturday, April 23, 2005

Draft Day E-Mail War

I know how much many of you enjoy my E-Mail battles, so I thought I would share one with you from Draft Day. I appreciate the many I received that were most complimentary about my performance, but not everyone enjoyed my work:

This from

Bob, with all do respect every time you open your mouth regarding the draft ignorance rolls out. Have you not figured out yet that the best college players have absolutely ZERO to with what makes a great pro player? The games /levels are and skill set are totally differenet just like any pro sport from college. All your lame references are to one or two games you have watched as a FAN and spectator. I am as Assc. scout for the Seahawks and we laugh at people like you , who base the draft on college performance. In your small brained way of thinking then we shoyuld draft the Heisnman winner #1 every year, then the 22 1st Team AP all americans and then go from there. If you judged Jason White by college he would be # 1. If you judged Peyton Manning form playing Florida he never would have been drafted. Respectfully, Don

My Response:

If you are suggesting that I am not qualified to work in a NFL front office, I agree- But I think I talk with enough people in the league that I can accomplish my job- By the way, I have a hard time believing you are a scout, since you have Horns as an email address- Not very professional for a scout-

Respectfully back at you,

Thanks for listening to BaD Radio!


His response to my response:

If you talk with people in the league I would love to see that list and maybe they could tell you there is more to a game than watching Wiconsin or Virginia tech on tv.or reading today's Dallas Moorning News Don't confuse YOUR pre draft conversations and prep work with Norms or Goose's. I told you I am assc scout for the Seahawks .Associate means just that.I contribute /scout this region for the team.I would be glad to show you my credential/Scout pass etc at any time or compare football knowledge at any level.I find it a tad immature and insecure for you to turn it to my credentials when you are the one who is on the radio being paid to give opinions on the draft. What a personal email address has to do with that I have no idea. Do you think Bill Parcells only email addy is ? I went to UT 25 years ago so if I was Biased I would have loved your Derick Johnson comments.. again based soley on the college game.

My response to his response to my response:

so you fire off insults, but I am not allowed to answer back? sounds fair to me- thanks for knowing everything-

Thanks for listening to BaD Radio!


His response to my response to his response to my response:

sure you should defend your paid performance on a topic. You are getting paid for your "expertise" so the bar is raised.If I was on the air I would expect insults and take them at my job without feeling the need to toss shots back at the listener.The Listeners crediblility actually means nothing , your does. When you work with the best draft coverage on the air, the bar is raised. They sent a boy to do a mnas job. It is a classic case of "Which one does not belong"

My response to his response to my response to his response to my response:

feel free to apply for my job anytime you want-

Thanks for listening to BaD Radio!


His response to my response to his response to my response to his response to my response:

woud not want the pay cut.. However I would sit in your seat next year at this event and forego the paycheck for the day and we could compare listener feedback/ ratings etc.

My response to his response to my response to his response to my response to his response to my response:

yes- I heard scouts are rich-

Thanks for listening to BaD Radio!


His Response to my response to his response to my response to his response to my response to his response to my response:

Coming fom a radio schmuck who wears shorts and hat to work for a job were college degree's are a bonus.Your are insecurities ar oozzing out. maybe you should look up therm term "associate" It is not my sole vocation and I will GLADLY compare w2's with you ANYTIME.And I will bet season tickets to any event you like that scouts make alot more than radio jockeys. ..but I am surprised you dont know that with all your "conversations from around the league" ---

My Response to his Response to my response to his response to my response to his response to my response to his response to my response:

you win-

Thanks for listening to BaD Radio!



Anonymous said...

I would feel better about his points if he could at least type. Any scout or other type of employee should be attentative to details. I found his proof-reading skills lacking and thus couldn't give credibility to any of his statements.

What a time-waste...

Anonymous said...

way to go mr. ass. scout

big smooth said...

Solid picks by the Cowboys today. The defense should be much improved, but they still better get a receiver and some depth on the offensive line tomorrow. I'm ready for training camp.

Anonymous said...

Three words for Mr. Scout.

Pair. Uh. Grafs.

Don's Got Bob Envy said...

I guess spelling/typing/having a point, or even a life for that matter, was not a requirement at U.T. 25 years ago. I'd love to read a typed scouting report from Mr. Fancy W2 Flaunter.

To add a hockey reference, "Eat another donut, Don".

Matt - P1 said...

You ought to collect your season tickets from him. I'm sure Rush Limbaugh and Howard Stern's insane contracts alone easily bring up the average salary of radio personalities to a level that exceeds that average NFL associate scout.

Anonymous said...

I hope idiots like that don't get to you. When you meet him face to face and examine his associate scout credentials, be sure and point to the second round pick of the Cowboys and scream "SCOREBOARD" in his face.

I actually thought that hearing you, Norm, George and Micky was great, great radio. The TV coverage team was such an unholy beating that I couldn't watch/listen to it. I turned it off and listened to the radio.

Be encouraged and don't let the morons drag you down.

snivlem said...

His grammar, and typing habits, and attitude seem very familiar to me.


3Jack said...

I don't see "Don" anywhere on Seattle's website unless he's the guy, behind the guy, behind the guy.

JIM said...


It's interesting that this supposed scout wants to e-mail you.........

I would like to think that if he works for the Seahawks, wouldn't he pay attention to what players the Seahawks acquired in the draft rather then the Hot Sports Opinion of the media...

In my opinion, focusing on the media and their evaluation of talent seems to be waste of energy and time unless you are the great Barry Horn......

The Ticket's draft coverage was brillant and I enjoyed it. Great Work!

Might I suggest that you should post this e-mail address on so that the listeners can crash his e-mail server......

I'm sure the loyal P1 of BaD Radio would love to tell this moron, "Get Your Shine Box" and never listen to BaD Radio again....

dopplefunker said...

He probably resents the term "combine creation"

Mark D. said...

Wow that guy was an idiot! There is always room to debate what someone says, but that guy was an ass. Don't let jerks like that effect you.

If he is a Seahawk scout, which I doubt, he must be in charge of scouting WR's hands. Which would explain a lot!

Check me out

Anonymous said...

I don't know who is right and who is wrong because I would rather watch NBA than follow the draft.
Who cares where the guy works or doesn't ,he had some good points.I know they don't base draft picks on bowl games.

Anonymous said...

Don't confuse content with grammar. They guy was right on. All I heard was "Combine Creation" and who had a good or bad bowl game.

BlackAL said...

I Know your effort was good but yeah I noticed alot of Bowl talk too.
As for the "combine creation" , well the league spend sa butt load of $$ on it every year and it is only getting bigger.
Plus all the teams send all their personnel and coaches there for a reason

dellinhouse said...

Bob, your cool love your show dude. But... Pretty insecure and Childish to post this and have your fans fight your battles.
I didn't know you could post his email addy either, maybe a no-no

Anonymous said...

Forget the childs play of "He said she said" and recognize his points.
He has a point. Usc back up qb got drafted and so did Tulsa's qB.They never played in a bowl game, plus Jason White did not get drafted.
Also If having a great bowl game were the criteria then Major Applewhite would have gone # 1 followed by Drew Henson etc. and Mcnabb would never have been drafted.
I only metion this because it did seem you were Hyping the bowl games and downplaying the combine and private workouts .

lrrygetin said...

What moron thinks an associate scout is on a teams web site.
My dad is an associate scout for the Detroit Tigers and they basically use him an a consultant and ask his opinions on guys in his area.
He coached for years and they respect his free opinion I guess.
He gets a credential to get into games and ballparks but of course is not a full time benefits employee. He is considered a scout but so are alot of other assc. scouts and of course they don't mention them on the teams web site etc.They may or may not use their info but it is just another set of eyes (birdogging)for the teams .Alot of retired coaches do this.
Just wanted to put that in because those titles/duties are used by pretty much all pro teams in every sport

lrrygetin said...

Rush and Howard are in a little different tax bracket than the Ticket guys.

Sturminator said...

dellinhouse said...
Bob, your cool love your show dude. But... Pretty insecure and Childish to post this and have your fans fight your battles.

I don't think I need anyone to fight my battles. I just enjoy allowing people to see what ends up in the email box. Make up your own mind. I don't pretend to be an NFL GM. We cover about 8 different sports, so you try to know enough about all of them, but certainly not more than those who work in a particular field. If I could concentrate on 1 sport, I would, but that would make for a pretty boring show.

Anonymous said...

I like how this guy says that college degrees are just a bonus for guys who work at The Ticket, but then he's a football scout? I didn't realize Texas offered a degree in professional football scouting. Sounds like his job fits in the same category.

Jared in Irving said...

No true scout would feel the ned to degrade someone trying to give an opinion on teh draft and make the draft a fun event for the listeners of a radio show.

Bob, dunno if this kind of stuff ever bothers you, but trust me he's in the minority. I thought you brought a lot to the table, a ton more than George, that's for sure.

And for the record, I felt like Bob was simply trying to add a balance to the combine vs college games argument. Most people put ALL their stock in combine times and what-not. Sometimes you have to just trust your own eyes. Without eyes Dat Nguyen and Zack Thomas aren't NFL middle linebackers.

Keep up the good work Bob.

efinder said...

If you would read all the emails he never said his paid vocation .. (if you need to look that up it means his job he gets paid for)was a scout.Do you know what an associate scout is??There are 20 on 1-75 right now.
I guess not. Maybe you should read the above emails He never claimed he was rich and said he would work for free.
He simply said the scouting profession in general pays more than radio AFTER BOB insulted the scouting profession.
Besides Bob took a shot at his being "rich" 1st anyway so lay off the guy. He has a right to an opinion regaurdless of his profession.

Sturminator said...


Again, not that I care that much, but he brought up the cash thing when he indicated he didn't want the pay cut. Not me-
But, who cares-


Bigdog said...

There are a lot of people out there like the emailer. They need to feel superior and accoplish this by degrading others. Someone in a high-profile position (say, radio?) makes an easy target.

His Associate Scout title further adds to his feeling of superiority: "I'm an insider!"

In reality, his opinion is likely no better than anyone else's. And his father degraded him as a boy.

Anonymous said...

I just sent an email to and it said:

"Dear Mr. Jones,

Troy Aikman was good. He's not under contract with other teams. Can we sign him?

All the best,


I'm going to call myself Freelance Associate Scout for the Dallas Cowboys.

Jared in Irving said...

^^^^^ = genious

Uncle Rico said...

Actually, Don is a scout with the Seahawks. I sent him my football throwin' tape and he loved it. He said my unorthodoxed side-armed delivery method makes me a one of a kind. He was going to suggest to the Hawks front office that they should take me with their 1st round pick...guess they decided to pick someone else.

Seriously, what was the point of his emails? I'm still trying to figure out why this guy felt like he needed to attack Bob in the first email. This guy need to get a life and stop worrying about what a Ticket guy thinks about the draft.

Anonymous said...

all you people seem to rag on one guy but all I have heard is humor and ragging to make up for nobody knowing football.
It seems like none of you actually follow sports and have no substance but just are Ticketheads who did not even LISTEN to the draft coverage therefore have no basis to comment.

I am both,
Look Bob is great and I am sure he will be the 1st to tell you he was a little overmatched with his coompany(mickey, Goose). But.. He did make comments like Aaron Rodgers is dropping because of a horrible bolw game against Texas Tech. #1 the guy got drafted as the 2nd qb taken and both of his starting recievers were injured and did not play (Geoff Macarthur and Chase Lyman)#2 He must have slept through the USC game when he completed 22 straight against the nations dominent team AT their place. # 3 if that were the criteria.. the Holiday bowl game with tech then why did Sonny Cumbie who was awesoem and threw for 498 yds get drafted before the qb who was horrible in the game ,much less not get drafted at all.

It is too bad there is alot of humor thrown out to try and compensate for not knowing sports on here. Can anyone actually comment /debate the points rather than the cat fight?

Jared in Irving said...

Alright, let's do this.

First of all, I like how you throw Mickey's name out there as someone who had more knowledge that day than Bob. Look, Mickey's a Cowboys beat writer. That's it. He knows Cowboys. He was there for the Cowboys perspective, so don't be throwing Mickey's name out there as a draft expert.

Second, comparing Bob to Goose is unfair. Goose is widely regarded as one of the nations best draft experts. Goose does one thing, football, and does it great. Not only that, but Goose's Superbowl is the draft.

I loved Bob's perspective because he's a lot like me and a lot of other people that listen to the Ticket. I love football and college football, but I also love baseball, basketball, college basketball, etc. Bob's perspective was that of a well-rounded fan that has done his research. Sure Bob knows about the 40 times and press numbers, but he also knows what he sees with his eyes.

As I said earlier, I like the non-stat head perspective in the draft coverage. I thought it balanced out nicely with the other guys on the broadcast. Bob's not dumb enough to think that Jason White should be a high pick, clearly that's stupid. You can't always go by what guy does in the college game. But you CAN use what you see in college to see whether the guy has the mental capabilities and intangibles to go along with their NFL bodies and stats.

Anonymous said...

Let's be honet. The draft is a crap shoot. Ask the Browns (Courtney Brown AND Tim Couch). Any person that thinks they have figured out scouting players is a GM somewhere. All the rest of us are just guessing. Except The Goose. He's a freakin' Draft God!

The Goat

WCharles said...

Don is a pro scout like Ray Stone is a big time journalist.

As for his charming personality, I have two words: UT grad.

Don's got Bob Envy said...

No schtick, but merely an observation. It would appear that the Don lovers don't love them some grammar and/or typing skills. How's that? Classy.

Derrick Johnson dropped all the way to K.C. Boo-F'in-Hoo. Get over yourself, as well as supporters of the Don Camp. Seattle just fired your ass. At least that's the last account I hear. Holmgren thinks your too old school for his liking. Don't check your email. It's nothing but bad, bad news.

Anonymous said...

F WCharles. Don't lump all of us Texas grads in with that ass. Some of us can debate with out talking down to others, and rubbing your nose in our W2s.

Bob is my number one choice for sports talk on the ticket. He is the most well rounded sports fan up there and he speaks the language of the common man (when not being the sports bully).

Corby and Junior are college football bullies, and are blinded by their beloved Sooners (although niether attended OU, typical hangers-on of successful teams, see recent Yankees, and Lakers fans, etc.). Mike and Greg whip my ass with baseball talk. They know nothing else, and baseball talk is too damn boring for 4 hours a day. Norm knows his stats, spreads, and lines, but is an absolute beating to listen to, especially when you don't gamble much. Jub is just loveable Jub, and Dan is a bit. Love Ben and Skin doing Mavs talk and radio pork, give them Norm's 2 hours during basketball season.

More bits, less angry emails.

Seacrest out.

WCharles said...

Oh, golly gee. I guess I should not be so disparaging of anonymous UT grads.

Seacrest Out said...

Disparage anybody you like, but it is you sweeping generalizations that show great ignorance. I would think an attorney would be smarter than to do such a thing. You should know each person and situation is unique. That UT grad was an ass. You may know some others as well. I know I do. But the majority of us are good people. Just like most of you Democrats are good folks, but the vocal minority of crazies gives you guys a bad name.

WCharles said...

Sorry, Seacrest, but my observations are based on the VAST majority of UT grads I have encountered over the years--and the experiences others have shared with me. Those that are apparently like you are, in my experience, the small exception to the rule.

And by the way, I thought this was a sports blog.