Friday, April 29, 2005

Not To Be Denied

“It’s the first one to four,
It doesn’t matter how you get to four,
Just get there before the other team,
And you win the Series” - Dallas Stars Playoff Postgame Show Theme

This series is on. After winning Game 3 in Houston last night, the Mavericks proved they would not go quietly into the night. And now, we shall see if this gut-check was a mirage, or whether they can come back from the supposed dead.

Dirk showed up for 28. He was joined by Finley who finally joined the series with 20 points of his own including a crucial 3 when the Mavs were down in the fourth quarter. Devin Harris and Marquis Daniels provided a little bit of energy. Jerry Stackhouse remains a cold-blooded killer when he has the ball.

But maybe the crucial coaching change of the night was when the Mavs were down 88-80 and getting killed in the paint by Yao Ming and his crew. Erick Dampier was inserted during a timeout, and the Mavs promptly went on a huge 20-0 run. Dampier paid his dividends by keying a number of stops with a presence in the middle.

So, now, what happens next? I cannot wait to find out. Game 4 is going to be very, very difficult to win, but at least now the result is relevant. We shall see.

By the way, I think Yao is phenomenal. He will no doubt win a ring in this league before long. But if I am a Rockets fan, I cannot tell you how annoyed I am that my 7’6 giant insists on trying to take charges against small players like Devin Harris and Josh Howard. He was too deep, and would get called for cheap fouls. If you are that big, just go up straight and change their shot.

Rockets allow control of series to slip

Now they lead 2-1 with Game 4 at Toyota Center on Saturday afternoon. No matter what happens then, the series took on a different feel in those shaky final minutes of Game 3.

The Rockets finally looked vulnerable. Even in Game 2 when they momentarily came undone in the third quarter, they kept their composure and stayed close. They reverted to some bad habits Thursday. They were a step slow defensively. They allowed too many shots around the basket.

At crunch time, the Mavericks were almost perfect. Michael Finley and Jason Terry threw in 3-pointers. Nowitzki scored inside and outside.

If the Mavericks wondered if Nowitzki would show up in the series, they got their answer. He scored 28 in Game 3.

The Rockets got 28 from McGrady, but he missed 13 of his 23 shots. Bob Sura almost single-handedly kept the Rockets in the game in the first half and had a brilliant performance with 21 points, 11 rebounds and six assists.

In the end, though, the Rockets didn't have nearly enough.

Sefko on the scene

I am very excited to be going to a baseball game tonight. I am lucky enough to be going to Astros-Cubs, which would be fun under any circumstance, even more so with history being made tonight. Clemens vs. Maddux in battle of 300 game winners …First time for a National League game in the modern era…

Did Mark give Houston the finger? …After further review, it appears it is his ring finger…

It is good to be Notre Dame

NPR on the lost Beatles cuts

Jon Barry annoys me. Over celebrating spares generally do.

He may have 7 Cy Young awards, but never wear a collared shirt with a T-Mac jersey.


Anonymous said...

Jen Floyd on past draft evaluation with another BAD radio reference to open the article.

Anonymous said...

link to article

Jared in Irving said...

I am such a conflicted Mavs fan right now. On one hand I'm very happy they won last night and won without playing their best ball.

On the other hand, I'm upset that they didn't play their best ball in the most important game of the year, and and less than convinced that they will play their best ball tomorrow.

I'm ready to get really, really excited again, but I'm not sure I can take that disappointment.

BTW, do the idiot Rockets spares even realize they are doing a masturbation gesture in front of a national tv audience? That is so ridiculous.

MR said...

went to the mavs game on monday and saw barry going at it with fans near the court all night. he seems to be way to self important, always talking to refs, as if he is the superstar, very annoying. he is quickly moving up the list of arrogant and ignorant maverick playoff foes. F him.

Anonymous said...

jon berry is a huge jewish dork

big smooth said...

Great win for the Mavs. I think the Rockets are coming back down to earth a bit, and the percentages are catching up to them. I find it a bit troubling that Wesley, Sura, and Barry are constantly having wide open looks. I think with Van Horn out, Daniels will have more minutes and be responsible for guarding them. Van Horn is a liability on the defense and with him out, I think the intensity will be much stronger the rest of the series. The defensive effort last night was much better, and it's about damn time that Dampier gets in the game. With Van Horn in, I'm not so sure he does. We got him for this time of the year and he needs to earn his money in these next few games. Dirk looked much better, with some great shots on T-mac. I can definitely see the Mavs taking this in 7.

Anonymous said...

actually, that looks like his middle finger...thats his left hand he has up there. i think his middle finger just looks like a normal man's ring finger

Anonymous said...

Even when the Mavs got down by 10, I didn't get that it's over feeling. The Mavs are capable of making runs. Question was, could they make a defensive run. And they did, and they did in the 20-0 run. Incredible. McGrady and Yao are making stars out of Sura, Barry, Wesley, and Padgett. They went 11 for 16 on three pointers. Who the f' is Sura? He had 21 pts, 11 rebs, and 6 assists last night. Giggle play of the night was when Yao did a "Bradley" when he allowed a 6'2" Jason Terry to record a block on his 7'6" ace.
And lastly, I reside in "crazy" Fort Worth and I still felt embarrassed by Cuban's goofiness (jumping around like they just won the championship and the "finger") on National TV last night. Way to represent Dallas and the Mav fans, buddy.

P1 Stu in "crazy" Fort Worth

Greatmondo said...

I'm not gonna lie. I had Green Day kickin' full blast in my head in the 3rd qtr. I felt confusion, frustration, anger (for Nellie throwing Avery under the bus for starting the "Mavs will win the championship" hoopla. What a joke.) and violated.

Then the 4th started and we got a couple of stops. Avery finally got his head out of Nellie's tail and started playing Dampier. Then the 20-0 run started. What a freakin emotional rollercoaster. The tune in my head changed from Green Day to Jay-Z's "Dirt off Your Shoulder".

Tmac kinda choked for a second after two missed free throws and turnovers. I guess that will happen when you take advice from Roger Clemens.

We may lose this series but this win was hella satisfying.


Anonymous said...

Just as an update, how did the Seattle Sparehawks fair in the draft. Just curious since their "regional no need to look at what a player does during the actual games" scouts are so knowledgeable.

Andy Douthitt said...

You see.. when Stack is getting big minutes and Dirk is himself we win... Everyone last night made a contribution period... on to game 4!!

Phillip Sharp said...

Doesn't that look like Ken Hitchcock over the Rocket's right shoulder? Just thought you would get a chuckle.....

Anonymous said...

I really want to punch jon berry in the face.

Anonymous said...

In addition to Ken Hitchcock, French Stewart from 3rd Rock is sitting over the "Rocket"'s left shoulder.

P1 Stu from crazy Fort Worth

Nick said...

i wish, instead of being a 7 yr. old, mark cuban would have done the dice thing at jon barry.

god i hate that guy.