Wednesday, April 27, 2005

It is all up to him

I have a 6:30 trip to the airport to get to Houston, so while I owe everyone a honest effort of blogging, I just can't do it.

But, I believe in the Mavericks for some reason.

I believe they will win Thursday in Houston, and I believe they will win the series in 7 games.

Is there a basis for this prediction or am I simply allowing my heart to mess with my head? I guess we are about to find out.

Dirk will have to lead them. I believe he will.

They are not that bad. Houston is not that good.

I know many of you have come to trust my methodical logic when it comes to sports. Forgive me this time as I pull for my boys to get it done. Dirk shall lead them back in this series.

Or, I will look pretty foolish for still believing in them when very few have joined me.

Get er done, big fella. May the Force be with us all...


LewP said...

I commend you for being a true fan. While I don't share your prediction of the Mavs winning the series, I think it's refreshing to to see someone with faith in their team.
I'm not an overly huge basketball fan, but this leads me to another topic. The new coach for the Mavs is showing the same faith in his players. I like it, and my hat is off to both of you. Might I suggest the tall white guy that cowers at the first breeze under the net be sidelined for one game? He is a total embarrassement.

Hang in there Bob. I hope your dream comes through!


Anonymous said...


You are right Bob. The Mavs are not that bad and Houston is definitely not this good. Dirk, take Bowen to the hole, my man. Gotta get that jumper going early. Marquis, Josh show them some old fashion butt kicking hustle. Damp keep those slams aflushing. (Jason and Devin, please get a clue.)

Go Mavs

Avery Johnson said...

Okay, Go Mavs!

big smooth said...

Bob, I'm right there with you. I think the Mavs are still taking this series in 7. It's been Dallas' sloppy play that has made them down 2-0, not great play from Houston. Yes, T-Mac and Yao have been great for them, but these guys can still be beat if Dirk can starts knocking down his shots and the rest of the guys wake up. They all need to step up, and if this is the championship caliber team we've come to know, they will take these two in Houston to even it up.

Anonymous said...

As a P1/Mavs fan stuck in Houston for the time being, needless to say the opening series has been quite a beating for me, so I am completely with Bob and his sports brain on the notion that the Mavs can take it in 7.

One thing though, since everyone on the face of the planet knows that Shawn Bradley can't do anything except trip and fall in the lane and get dunked on consistantly, why hasn't Avery given Alan Henderson an appropriate shot? It seems to me that early in the season, he was a driving force for rebounds/hustle plays/defense for the beloved Mavs. Now he might toil for 5-7 minutes late in the second quarter. So my suggestion, needless to say, is give Shawn the DNP he so rightly deserves, and give those minutes to someone (Henderson) that will put them to good use!

Go Mavs!

By the way, you two better pull a Joe and Irv session on this spare "sports radio station" down here, their struggling attept to be anything but complete and utter homers is pathetic!

Anonymous said...

Great blog today, Bob.

Let's do this !@#$ Mavs!

Anonymous said...

go mavs

Anonymous said...

Maybe we should make Dirk wear a Hitler mustache if he doesn't score 30 tonight.

Nick said...

oddly enough, i still believe as well. maybe it's just me not wanting to believe that they're done, but something inside me says its not over. There has to be more of this story to be written.

Anonymous said...

I BELIEVE!!!!!!!!!!!

Andy Douthitt said...

It is all up to the Dunkin' Deutchman... he has to be clutch this time... leave Stack in the game Avery... please!! go mavs..

Andy Douthitt said...

it is now time for the dunkin deutchman to provide some series clutchness... 2 thoughts for fellow mav fans... play stack as much as possible tonight... give Dirk the ball as much as possible.. cover the 3 point line.. go mavs... we will see 6 games at least in this series..

Andy Douthitt said...
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Andy's Cousin Rick said...

Avery Johnson reminds me of the african-american Yosemite Sam. Go Mavs. F T-Mac (the NBA version of A-Fraud).