Thursday, October 20, 2005

Astros Advance

Astros shut the door thanks to Roy

This morning, the Astros — yes, the Astros — are the National League champions.
Roll that last sentence around in your head. Say it aloud. Can't stop smiling, can you?

They'll play Game 1 of the 2005 World Series on Saturday night at U.S. Cellular Field against the Chicago White Sox.

And next Tuesday, there will be a World Series game at Minute Maid Park. Hello, Texas.

"I'm not greedy," Craig Biggio said. "I just wanted to go one time."
After 18 seasons, he's going. So is his buddy, Jeff Bagwell.

They helped turn the Astros into winners. They felt the sting of past October disappointments more than others.

So, who do I like in the World Series? I like St Louis to beat Anaheim …From October 5th...

My playoff picks: Boston over Chicago; Anaheim over New York; St Louis over San Diego; Houston over Atlanta. Anaheim over Boston; St Louis over Houston. World Series: St Louis Cardinals.

Accountability. That’s my middle name. Give me Chicago in 7. Why not.

Dick Weiss on Red Raiders raid on Austin

Texas quarterback Vince Young threw for a career best 336 yards in the Longhorns' 45-14 victory over Colorado last weekend. When he heard about Hodges' numbers, he just laughed.

"That's unheard of," Young said. "That's ridiculous.

"As a quarterback, that type of offense is not for me. Throwing the ball 70 times - that's crazy. But that's their offense and it's getting them W's."

Hodges is the fourth new quarterback to play for Leach in the past five years. Kliff Kingsbury set 17 NCAA records from 2000-2002. He was replaced by fifth-year starter B.J. Symons, who set an NCAA single-season record with 5,833 yards in his only year as a starter. Last year, Leach had another fifth-year senior, Sonny Cumbie, make his debut, and Cumbie led the NCAA in every passing category, including 4,742 passing yards and 32 TDs. Hodges is on a record-setting pace, completing 71.6% of his passes for 2,461 yards and 22 TDs.

As a person who hopped on the Virginia Tech bandwagon in 1993 (sue me), I fear Maryland tonight

Wow, this is disturbing: Save Crazy Ray! …Please…

Roto Authority on the top 50 baseball free agents ….

Thanks to Sports By Brooks, Here is a review of Corso v. BaD Radio …And, here is the MP3

Genius Ali G/NBA comedy

NHLPA tension? Try

The sad tale of Jason Collier’s funeral

Guy Morriss headed in the right direction

What Morriss has accomplished in two-plus seasons is nothing short of a miracle.
Baylor (4-2, 1-2 Big 12) has gone from perennial loser to legitimate bowl team, needing only two more victories in its final five games to qualify for the postseason for the first time since 1994. Gone are the days of losing by 30, 40 and even 50 points. The Bears have been competitive in every game this season, giving Nebraska a scare last week before finally losing 23-14.

Oklahoma, this week's opponent, has a history of beating up on Baylor like the playground bully. The Sooners never have lost in 14 games against the Bears. That streak may be extended to 15 games, but the fact Baylor isn't looking ahead to 2006 and expects to be competitive on a weekly basis is exactly the kind of message Morriss is selling to his program. And, boy, are the Bears buying it.

"Usually by now, our team is done," Morriss said. "We're going into a new stage of learning how to win a meaningful game under pressure."

Jimmy Burch prepares us for Saturday

The winner will be the lone unbeaten team in the Big 12. More importantly, that team will walk out of Darrell K. Royal-Texas Memorial Stadium after dodging its last realistic threat to an unbeaten season before the Big 12 title game Dec. 3.

Sure, that's a bold statement. But it's accurate, based on the early-season evidence that shows the league is divided into two distinct groups: (1) the top-10 teams that will meet Saturday; and (2) the 10 remaining unranked schools.

Each unranked team should be thankful for the other nine members of its peer group. Without the opportunity to play one another, Tech and Texas might be the only Big 12 schools that would win enough games to qualify for a bowl berth.

Tech, which cracked the top 10 in The Associated Press rankings for the first time since 1977, has outscored opponents by an average margin of 54-17. Texas, which has been No. 2 since the preseason, has blistered its foes by an average score of 46-14.

Liverpool wins in the Champions League …And despite being in Group G with Chelsea, it appears they will still advance to the knock-out stages again. But we still stink in the premiership…sigh…

My Larry King-type review of Jaguars 23, Steelers 17 (ot)

Really like Greg Jones as a FB and backup TB to Fred Taylor. Another bowling ball type…Tommy Maddox looks horrible, with interceptions and near interceptions all day..Antwan Randle El’s punt return was a greatness…This was absolutely one of the most physical games of the season…Jacksonville is not too good in short yardage situations given their performance in Pittsburgh…The Amazing Race is not very amazing this season…Matt Jones with a sweet touchdown catch. Every time I watch the Jags, Jones shows up and does something decent…Pittsburgh looked poor on offense; part no QB, part Jacksonville DT’s Stroud and Henderson…I think shorts are perfect for this type of weather…Heath Miller is going to be so good!...I find it interesting that Duce Staley still does not get a sniff. He says he is healthy, but the Steelers disagree…Jags LB Mike Peterson is all over the place…Byron Leftwich takes a beating every stinking week; no way can he stay healthy…Jags are at the 32 tied 17-17 with :54 left, and for some reason start throwing the ball all over the field and get it picked off and must go to overtime = dumb…Quincy Morgan just about returned the Overtime Kick for a touchdown, but was tackled at the Jacksonville 26, followed by another Maddox turnover…I now believe Big Ben is a great QB after seeing Maddox play…

And finally, with all of the 1920’s references on the show this past week, we follow the normal routine of a radio show.

A) launch a bit
B) receive an accusation of stealing the bit
C) rinse and repeat

Name: Chris A.
Want To Be On Maillist: N

Comments: is it gay or not gay to rip off chappelle stand up. or is it even worse to research 20's lingo and say "see" after everything? at least say "hey, i stole this whole bit from chappelle and will continue to use it under the pretense that it is original and mine." if you hear something funny, movie or comedy or comercial or whatever, it's okay to talk about it. to beat the listener w/ stuff they have on dvd at home is just gay. FYI "see"

And, my actual response, which was bounced back to me as this guy’s address does not exist:


Judging from your note, I doubt you would believe me if I told you I had never, ever seen Dave Chappelle's show- But, I do recognize that Bugs Bunny did it once, and therefore will properly credit him in an effort to please you-

Thanks for listening to BaD Radio!


Have a good day in Texas, see…


MR said...

bob, no chapelle show, how is that possible. you will have to go to comedy central and watch a few clips. the "prince" clip and the 2 "Rick James" clips. they are greatness.

FRG said...

No offense Bob, but I'm hoping Maryland pulls off the upset tonight.

As for Baylor and OU, Baylor will win the game in Norman on Saturday. Book it.

AttnyDan said...

mr: The two major reasons why Bob has never watched the Chappelle show is because the Mexican fears the Black and the White makes him adhere to a dress code!!

Seriously though, a while back a radio personality asked if he could "sue" for someone stealing a bit. The answer is damn near impossible--something about the public domain, fair usage, etc.

So prepare for Gay/Not Gay, Homer Call, and Bob's bag of bits to appear on my new station soon. I call my listeners Z-1's and have a great, over-the-top host.."The Lizard". The name of my station...."The Crapper". My Program Director?...Gribble.

AttnyDan said...

Just for "entertainment purposes only"

OU is giving 14 against Baylor..
A&M is giving 3.5 @ K-State...
UT is giving 16 against Tech
Dallas is getting 3 @ Seattle...

Any ideas?

Anonymous said...

Give me Baylor, A&M, UT and Dallas based on those odds.

Robert Bentley said...

Glad the NLCS is over, even if the Astros advance. The reason? No more Steve Lyons.

cracker1743 said...

I don't know if all three of us Astros/BaD Radio fans are going to post today, so I'll say it (very quietly; bad hangover): World Series, baby. It's a great feeling, and one I hope the Rangers can have some day...after Tom Hicks has sold the team.

Fake Sturm said...

Mich +2.5 at Iowa
Iowa is overrated and got beat by Iowa State badly. Mich is coming off a big win against Penn St

Texas -15.5 vs. Tech
Covered ever game this season and I am gonna keep riding them until they dont. Texas defensive backs are talking shutout.

Brandon said...

Baylor, K-State, Tech, and Dallas based on the odds above.

An OU offense without AD to shoulder the burden is one I wouldn't trust to beat anyone by 14 points. At least not yet.

OU 17, Baylor 10 (with one TD setup by the Sooner D)

I think Tech's offense will keep them in the ballgame, but they'll barely prevent Texas from covering the spread.

Texas 41, Tech 28

K-State's not great. But aggy is aggy.

K-State 31, Aggy 24

Dallas has Seattle's number.

Dallas 27, Seattle 24

Fake Sturm said...

Mary +10 vs. V Tech
Not real sure about this one...uh..Home dogs are always dangerous(thats all I got). I am probably betting with my heart instead of my head. I just dont want any bitching at the end of the year when the Horns are raising the trophy.
Go Terps

Matt said...

I'll take Baylor straight up, regardless of the 14 they're getting. Bomar will have a long day against Baylor's D.

Baylor 17, OU 13

Tech makes it interesting in the first half, but Texas pulls away in the second half and covers.

Texas 42, Tech 24

Kansas State stinks. Period.

A&M 27, Kansas St. 17

Seattle is overrated and Bledsoe will have another nice game.

Dallas 28, Seattle 23

Fake Sturm said...

Damn Stros. I dont know why I am so bitter, I just know the Rangers are so far from anything that has been played in the last 2 weeks and there is no light at the end of the tunnel. This must be what Aggy feels like year around.

Front page of the Houston Chronicle

Anonymous said...

Actually, the Dave Chapelle skit was not from The Dave Chapelle show, it was from his comedy performance, "Killing Em Softly". It was a funny bit, but I still don't think you stole it from Dave Chapelle. That would be like saying talking about funny dancing would be stealing from Sienfeld (Elaine dance). I mean, what is the deal with stealing bits (in my best Seinfeld voice)!

inVINCEable said...

anyone have a link to the black lady singing "the eyes of texas"? that is funny stuff.....

Jay Clendenin said...

i hate you fake sturm.
the truth hurts.

Jay Clendenin said...

matt = correct
all of his picks are on the money.
especially the a&m one.

steve said...

screw the red raiders and their faggoty coach... texas by 40 at least. i don't even like the horns, just hate leach. i'm so drunk, ain't college great

Fake Big Mac said...

How much does Bob love us?

Will we get a blog today, or is he too excited about all the tail he's going to see in Austin today?

Will he break the record?

Fake Sturm said...

Unacceptable Bob.
I'm hungover and dont feel like working.

gooner said...

WTF Bob? It's freaking 9:30 and I need commentary and links NOW. I don't give a rats arse about UT or TT or ur drive to Austin, blah blah blah.

Please get your priorities in order sir!

rico said...

(sad piano music)

this just isn't right. i thought bob was a good, good man. but obviously he doesn't love us anymore...(gun shot)....

Anonymous said...

I dont think Bob knows how many of us count on this blog. I say we let him know. Roll call of how many people were pissed this morning.


bloglovingdip said...

how am i supposed to get through my work day with out THE blog?


is blog loving gay?

Anonymous said...


Poop Head

steve said...

quit crying about the blog and just go back to bed first