Tuesday, October 25, 2005

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Vince Young says he’s coming back….and then leaves the door open to leave ….

Junior Texas quarterback Vince Young said Monday he plans to come back to UT next season and that he regrets striking a half-hearted Heisman Trophy pose during the Texas Tech game Saturday.

"I just stay humble and tell people I signed to play here, and I'm playing here," Young said. "I'm coming back [next year]. That decision, I'm not thinking about it right now. I'm worrying about Oklahoma State and sending our seniors out with a bang.

"You've got to leave that decision open. But right now I plan on coming back."
Of his Heisman pose on the sideline with teammates after a third-quarter, 75-yard touchdown pass to Billy Pittman on Saturday, Young said, "I kind of regret it."
"I don't want people thinking I've got an ego. I was just playing with some of my teammates, who were like, 'Let me see it.' I just gave them a little taste, not the whole thing."

Young said he won't strike the Heisman pose again – unless he wins the trophy.
"If I won it, I'll strike it all the time," he said, laughing.

Look who is #1 …for now…

Wilbon amazed at how the BCS cannot get it right

Peter King’s MMQB

Here is an email that I thought I would share:

where can i find this picture of Intern Evan? i’m curious. there are so many places to look on bobanddan.net but it’s so slow i don’t want to search for it.

You asked for it. It is up to you to figure out which one is 400 pounds.

Culpepper has decided to be in charge, since no one else will …No word on whether he will fine himself for taking part on the love boat…

Vikings Pro Bowl quarterback Daunte Culpepper told FOX Sports that next week he plans to implement his own fine system inside the locker room for players who commit mental errors during games.

"I don't know why we have so many penalties this year, why we're having so many mistakes," said Culpepper. "I'm going to start a fine system. I have to talk to (Darren) Sharper about it on defense so they can do the same thing.

"We've got to do something drastic because there's no reason for it. So I'm going to start fining guys."

The new fine system is completely independent of Mike Tice's coaching staff and would hit guys with fines in the $250 range for such infractions as penalties and other mental errors, the type of errors that have completely stalled Minnesota's offense this year.

You know things are bad in Green Bay, When they look to Freddie Mitchell for help

The most prominent name expected to grace the practice field is former Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver Freddie Mitchell, who will be one of about a half-dozen receivers and running backs the Packers work out in an attempt to fill voids on their roster.

Mitchell, the guy who was on the receiving end of the infamous fourth-and-26 pass that helped the Eagles knock the Packers out of the playoffs in 2003, arrived in town Monday night and was expected to run and catch passes in front of general manager Ted Thompson and various personnel officials. If the Packers like what they see, they'll probably sign Mitchell, who has been out of action since Sept. 3, when the Kansas City Chiefs released him.

Parcells fights his assistants makes the satire pages

Meanwhile, thanks to our replays last week, the Lee Corso bit is making another round around the internet Here and Here …Always weird how that works…

FC Dallas, hardly the picture of stability these days names another new GM today

Sports By Brooks offers AJ Pierzynski pictures of indiscretion

f97a30c56175aae9f55c7e> Doubt this news anchor meant to say this

And now, some email of sports:

Bill Parcells is, without question one of the NFL's greatest coaches. BUT, the 3 Dallas losses this season, ESPECIALLY yesterday's loss to Seattle prove that when ultra-disciplinarian styled, fear factor, intimidation tactic, my way or the highway, Woody Hayes like values are combined with unimaginative, boring, mundane, too conservative, Witten's wide open but he' not Keyshawn or Terry so I don't see him when we're inside the 20 play calling is a recipe for failure. It's primarily poor coaching and then horrid decision-making ON the field that have kept Dallas from being 7-0 or at very least 6-1.

Dallas can't win the ugly, low-scoring defensive brawl because the offensive play calling & execution of said play calling are horribly inept.

Washington loss was avoidable...Roy Williams gets burned because as a pure Safety, he is weak in coverage. BUT WHY LINE-UP NOSE-TO-NOSE WHEN THE OBVIOUS ANSWER IS SOME SORT OF PREVENT SCHEME.

Oakland loss & Seattle loss could have been reversed had Bledsoe found the WIDE OPEN, even GORDO could complete a pass to gusty TE Jason Witten!

In addition, as much as I respect Troy Aikman as a player & broadcaster, when he calls a Cowboy game on Fox' national broadcast, he is sooooooo anti-Cowboy in his OVERattempt to be objective that it makes a loss like this even more miserable for Cowboy fans to view. The Cowboys defense held Seattle to 3 lousy points for 59m 20s!! Shaun Alexander was SHUT DOWN! The poor play calling in the Red Zone and failure to execute a simple 29-yard FG cost the Cowboys in this loss.

Maybe they should start calling it the Green Zone so they will not STOP when they get inside the 20!

P1 Chuck


Dude, I'm sick to my stomach over the Cowboy loss.

That game was theirs......they shut down S. Alexander.......but they couldn't turn two turnovers in the red zone to more than three point..Jose keeps missing kicks and then the stupid interception with 5 seconds left.

But Torrin Tucker had a good game! And that was what everybody was worried about. Most of Bledsoes sack were coverage sacks!

Its like we are on the cusp of being a playoff team but we keep doing stupid s---!
I think this season is going to be one with awesome wins and heartbreaking losses.
I'm gonna have a heart attack!

By the way, I love the Podcasts! Now I can list to you guys while I am driving in Houston.

John Hagar

Meanwhile, yesterday, Dan pondered the idea of drafting a good kicker. I thought that you don’t need to waste a pick on a kicker. We sports debated, and P1 Andrew did the research. This makes a cast both ways, but here is how each kicker was picked or not picked:

Listed by season to date FGM % (notice how low the mighty Vinateri is)

Name/Draft round ( X = not drafted)

K. Brown/7
J. Brown/7

Akers was undrafted by the way.

So there appears to be no relation between good kickers and draft position.

p1 andrew


Anonymous said...

We'll see in January who actually has it right. Wilbon or the BCS. And I must say, my money isn't on Wilbon...

cracker1743 said...

The T-sips' ranking aside (personally I agree with him), Wilbon is correct to be rooting for the biggest train wreck possible with regard to the BCS. That system is a joke, and I can't understand why there is such resistance to a playoff system. You can keep all the crappy bowl games if you want, to keep the sponsors happy, and use the top 4 or 5 bowls (Rose, Cotton, etc.) for the playoff games. Seems like a no brainer to me.

Chris said...

Big 12 Championship Results...

year: north or south win

96: south
97: north
98: south
99: north
00: south
01: north
02: south
03: north
04: south
05: _____

notice the trend?

AttnyDan said...

Trends are for Norm and my bookie.

How about the trend that UT lays an egg once a year? Or can't beat OU? Or that a black QB can't win the Super Bowl...oops, never mind that one.

If UT can beat A&M in Aggie land, they should STOMP whoever comes out of the North. Speaking of, where is the Big 12 Championship being played? Indoors, outdoors, etc.

Anonymous said...

VY will be back. Mack's record of keeping players speaks for itself. Starting with Ricky's senior year all the way through Benson, DJ, Roy Williams, and beyond, he's kept them all around for all 4(5 if they redshirt) years. Besides, if VY waits around for a year he won't have to battle Leinart for the #1 draft spot.

Chris said...


"How about the trend that UT lays an egg once a year?"

the above has yet to be determined.

AttnyDan said...

Come on Chris, when you only blow out my Red Raiders by 35 points, that just ain't gonna cut it!!!

Seriously, UT had better become HUGE Tech fans for the rest of the year. To the UT fan, suddenly those first 3 non-con games aren't near as "lame" as they were before last weekend....huh?

Come on Horn's get your guns up as Tech marches to Big D and the Cotton Bowl.

I still want to know where the Big 12 Championship will be played before I punch the ticket to Pasadena.

(not that) Dan said...

indoors, Reliant, Houston

MR said...

im pretty sure that VY isnt being drafted before lienart or reggie bush. i think bush goes #1

Brandon said...


It'll be in Houston.

Logic states that the roof will be closed for the game. But logic also states that the roof be closed when it's 100 degrees outside.

So who knows.

After frying the Texan fans in early September against the Steelers, they may want to freeze everyone's a**es off in December.

Brandon said...

Let's examine:

Texas comes from behind to beat Ohio State in September. The Buckeyes have also lost to Penn State, which has one loss.

SUC comes from behind to beat Notre Dame in October. The Irish have also lost at home to Michigan State, which has lost it's last three games including one to Ohio State.

What's not to understand, Wilbon?

Fake Sturm said...

Already got my ticket to the game at Reliant and its really not gonna matter what they do with the roof. It will be another ass drumming of Colorado, who will hopefully win out and be ranked in the top 20 having only losses to Texas and Miami. Also will be cheering this weekend for Tech, BlowU, Ohio State, and god help me even will be pulling for aggsy.

BoomGoesTheDynamite said...

Vince Young can stay in school for 2 more years, he will never be a #1 overall pick. Just the fact that someone thinks that might happen makes me laugh.

Before we hand the whorns the Big XII, let's revisit 2001 shall we?

Oct 20 - #9 whorns 41, #14 buffs 7

Dec 1 - Big XII Championship. whorns win and they are probably in the National Championship game. Result?
#3 whorns 37, #9 buffs 39

History, if anything, repeats itself.

jeradB said...

that's a lot of Beer.

Fake Sturm said...

"Vince Young can stay in school for 2 more years, he will never be #1 overall pick. Just the fact that someone thinks that might happen makes me laugh."

Remember when aggy tried to compare Reggie to V Young and now this is the best arguement they can come up with. Poor aggy.

"#3 whorns 37, #9 buffs 39"

Yeah but this is the #1 Horns against the unranked Buffs. Not gonna happen.
Just remember dude, baaa means no.

Anonymous said...

Nice showing by the Reds today, Bob. 1-2 loss to the CP Eagles who are languishing at the bottom of the Championship. I guess Cisse should have played, eh?

Well... there's always the FA Cup.

Robert Bentley said...

Hey, I have a question: why is USC constantly referred to as "the two-time defending champs"? LSU took home the BCS title in 2003, let's recall.

Does Auburn claim a championship since they went undefeated in 2004?

Chris said...

Robert, yes, Auburn does claim a championship for '04...

check out this s**t...


an Auburn fan created it.

Sturminator said...

Like my Reds care about the stinking Carling Cup. My son, we have a European Cup to shine presently...

At least for a few more weeks...