Thursday, November 24, 2005

Cowboys-Broncos Thread

Happy Thanksgiving.

Talk Sports below.

I say Cowboys win, barely.


chaz said...

broncos 31, cowboys 27

Stupid stat-
Denver is 3-14 on the road vs. a winning team in their past 17.
That has to expand over 3 or 4 years. That has nothing to do with this Denver team.

Anonymous said...

I like the Stars to beat the Coyotes and extend their win streak to six. Arnott's on a tear and Turco looks like himself again after struh-guh-ling through October.

And I like John Hart to get a terminal disease and die a slow, lonely and painful death.

Cap It said...

Here's a prediction...

Denver 24
Dallas 21

in OT

So, BC is money from 56 and horse s from 34? Go figure.

Observer said...

This wasn't as horrible as losing to the Giants, but depending on how the rest of the weekend shakes out, it might just turn that Giants game into a must-win. At the very least, we have a good enough team that it would be a crime if we didn't get a home game in the playoffs. A bye week is probably too much to ask for.

We're now 4-4 in coin flips and 3-0 in blowouts (vs Philly the first time, Arizona and Detroit). I think we blow out the Rams at the end if we have to, so that's 8-4, and the other four games are probably coin flips (I don't see us getting blown out in any of them, but surely that will happen to us at least once this season, right?).

So we could conceivably finish anywhere between 8-8 and 12-4, but anything less than 10-6 would be a crime for a team with so much potential. We can play with anyone except maybe Indy. We would've beaten Denver 6-7 times out of 10, and we slightly outplayed them today, and they're the 2nd best in the AFC. There's no one in the NFC, I don't think, we would be favored over us by more than a few points.

We just have to hope that Cowboy mystique can carry us to some imaginary level above this scrum of 6-8 good teams in the NFC.

Oh, can we please have more pump-fakes to the 5-yard out route? People are totally jumping that, and we only cashed that in one time (admittedly, it was a big TD). Also, bravo to the defense for again giving up 14 points or less (in regulation). That's an insane streak they have going.

AttnyDan said...

Bob, you and I have both gone on the record on this blog back in pre-season as saying that our kicker was going to cost us games.

So far the kicker has cost us two games for sure...%$#@#%#@!@%$#&*.

I have a very bad feeling he is going to crotch-kick us in the playoffs.