Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Tuesday Good Times

Dirk misfires, Bogut rejects Terry, Mavs lose …Hey, who goes into Milwaukee and wins?

Blame Howard's absence. Blame a schedule that had the Mavericks playing their fourth game in five nights. Dirk Nowitzki, who missed a ton of shots, said there are a ton of excuses the Mavericks could make.

They won't.

"We don't make excuses," Mavericks coach Avery Johnson said. "We don't blame anybody. We look inward. We don't look outward when something goes wrong.
"There is a lot of fight in this team."

Fight wasn't the issue.

Efficiency was.

Nowitzki struggled from the field for the second consecutive night. He hit his second field goal with 48 seconds left in the first half. He didn't hit his third until 3:22 remained in the fourth quarter.

The forward was 5-of-22 from the field for 18 points.

"I was the Bucks' sixth man," Nowitzki said.

The Mavericks may have lost, but the biggest news out of the Kohl Center last night? That’s right. Doug Melvin has his mustache back!

Above, Melvin in early 2005.

Melvin in 2002.

Relax America, Doug Melvin’s lost mustache has found its home back over Doug’s upper lip. Dreams do come true.

Rangers consider Mesa, Looper, other bullpen help

Dre Bly pounds Harrington in the media

"If we'd had production on offense, in particular the quarterback position, Mooch wouldn't have been fired," Bly told the Detroit Free Press. "If Jeff Garcia hadn't gotten hurt, we wouldn't be in this position today. Mooch wouldn't have gotten fired."

Garcia missed the first five games after breaking his leg in the final preseason game. He started twice -- winning in Cleveland and losing to Chicago -- but then missed the Minnesota, Arizona and Dallas games with soreness in the leg.

"We're all at fault, but I just feel like Joey [Harrington]'s been here four years, and being the No. 3 pick in the draft, he hasn't given us anything," Bly told the paper. "He hasn't given us what the third pick in the draft should give us."

Phil Fulmer apologizes to fan with email

Click Here for a “sounds dirty but probably wasn’t meant to be from Suzy Shuster…

Great Site for Heisman projections

This game is confusing and maddening

And now, an email:

Hey Bob. I was just wondering if you were ready to take back your statement about the Bears not winning their division yet? That Bears D is the real deal. The offense may suck but you dont need much O when the D only gives up 13 points a game. They remind me of the Ravens team that won the Superbowl. Just curious? Jason

What is he talking about? Let’s review the November 17th blog :

In a related and yet unrelated story, I have been meaning to get this Chicago Bears thought on the record, and since we so rarely bring them up, now is as good a time as any:

The Bears will not win the NFC North.

Here are the current standings:

Chicago 6-3
Minnesota 4-5
Detroit 4-5
Green Bay 2-7

Look, I realize I am going out on a limb, because everyone behind the Bears really suck. But, I really feel this choke happening. Check out the final 7 games for the Bears starting this week:

Nov 20 H Carolina
Nov 27 A Tampa Bay
Dec 4 H Green Bay
Dec 11 A Pittsburgh
Dec 18 H Atlanta
Dec 25 A Green Bay
Jan 1 A Minnesota

This is the Bears without a QB or a RB. I know their defense is good, but they might be 8-8. I hate to say this, but I think the Vikings catch them on the last week of the season. And trust me, the Packers will protect their house on Christmas Day. I will be there to make sure of that.

So, I am calling it. Bears miss the playoffs despite having a 2 game lead today.

So Jason wants to know if I want a do-over after they have beaten Carolina and Tampa Bay. It looks like I may need one, but I still contend we will see them exposed soon enough. You must have an offense, I swear. And they don’t. We shall see. I would just like to ask their great defense not to hurt Favre Sunday.

Mix Sports and Church? …maybe not a great idea…

You can imagine my surprise when I got these emails this morning:

Dan, last night at the Rolling Stone concert, Delbert McClinton was the opening act. He gave you guys some pub from the stage about midway through his show. "Hi, I'm Delbert McClinton and I never listen to Bob and Dan on BAD Radio on the Ticket...NEVER, EVER!!" Congratulations.
Went to the RS Concert tonight. Instead of Merle Haggard as the opener it was the GREAT Delbert McClinton. In between songs one time he actually said randomly (to me anyway) no BS, he said, “Hi! I’m Delbert McClinton and I never listen to BaD radio on the Ticket. Never!. There was a cheer from the crowd that was there then! Is there a story there or just shocking. If not, get him on the air, but I understand Gribble is your producer so…………….
Congrats Bucks!
Stay hard!

I have always enjoyed ol’ Delbert. But who would have guessed?


2 Cubicles Down said...

the 2000 Ravens say hi Bob

cracker1743 said...

Byung Yung Kim? Great, just what the Rangers need, another Korean head case. Meanwhile, Hicks very craftily tied up Jon Hart through 2013 in his front office gig. I guess he's keeping Hart around to help out Daniels...everyone needs help with their math homework sometimes. Long division is tough...

baseballdip said...

I don't suppose anyone bothered to realize that Hicks can now essentially trade Hart to any organization that wants him.

Hart is available. A couple organizations show interest, so Hicks locks up Hart with a "no interview" clause. Of course, Hicks can still choose to waive the clause, but it gives them a bargaining chip to say " you can interview him, but if you hire him, you have to give us X", like the Braves did with Mazzone.

Wake up people. The new deal was about securing the rights to a (perceived) asset [even though I think he's worthless].


AttnyDan said...

That game link you posted should get you a direct ticket to hades Sturminator.

Those basketball league rules remind me of my white bread protestant church. The members wear name tags with red ink, visitors with blue, supposedly so you can recognize them and make extra efforts to be welcoming. I've always thought it made most people very uncomfortable and have made the smart ass comment that we should just put a giant gold star of David on them.

I just can't believe they'd label kids with wristbands in a TEAM sport!!!

Mark in Las Colinas said...

Mobile strip club gets busted during Bucs game...

Jared in Irving said...

I had officially deemed that game impossible...then one of my co-workers beat it. Sone of a! Luckily he showed me how so I could move on with my life.

ChozSun said...

I am currently looking for a church. What if, as a visitor, I refuse to where a name tag?

How big is your church?

AttnyDan said...

My church is 700 members with two services. If you don't wear a name tag, we make you spend 24 hours locked in a room listening to Norm. If that doesn't work, it's 24 hours of Dale Hansen!!!

BTW: For some strange reason, I'd love to see UT and USC both lose this weekend, what fun BCS chaos that would cause.

Paul "Uncle Rico" Warfield said...

Will the Bears be exposed? Are the Lions problems really Joey Harringtons fault? Is Dirk Nowitzki going to find his shot? All I want to know is if Indy is going to lose? You know, I don't know if you young ones heard, but back in 72, my team went undefeated! Sometimes, I wonder if we could have gone undefeated again if I hadn't thought it wise to play with the Toronto Northmen. Hey Bob, your pretty internet savvy. Have you ever come across anything like time travel?

ChozSun said...

700 Members = Swirly Eyes

I am sure I will run into your church sooner or later.

AttnyDan said...

I like Delbert and the shout out by was cool, but GOOD GAWD AHMIGHTY, enough is enough Bob and Dan. Let it go.

It wasn't Jesus giving you a shout out or something.

Maybe Delbert is the smart one, he just got a full segment, blog space and total props from BaD Radio. New album coming out soon? Maybe Guest Booking league material next summer?

Anonymous said...

Alright Jared in Irving, you gotta tell us! What's the solution?

I'm going crazy here.

Dano in Houston said...

Solution to the Pearls before Swine game:

2 from the shortest row.
(he takes 1 from the middle row)
3 from the longest row
(he takes 1 from the middle row)
1 from the shortest row
(he takes 1 from the middle row)
Take the last 2 from the bottom row to leave him with 1.

Dano in Houston