Thursday, May 18, 2006

Game 5: Spurs 98, Mavs 97 (Mavs 3-2)

I hate to say, “what are you going to do?”. But, “what are you going to do?” Think about it. You have a night to eliminate the World Champions on their home court. They throw everything at you. Everything. Even Spurs fans were admitting that they cannot play much better than they did in Game 5. You are at their place. With their fans. And their stars playing like stars.

And you still have a shot to win it. A good one. And a rebound.

Sure, it doesn’t fall, but did we learn something in Game 5 that these two teams have been trying to explain for the last week and a half? That the Dallas Mavericks are now a good enough team that they can take the best punch the San Antonio Spurs have to offer over and over again and can still shrug it off and win? Time will tell. But, honestly, with both teams doing everything they can to beat the other, I am amazed at how good the Mavericks have become. And despite the fact that San Antonio stayed alive by the skin of their teeth, the Mavs should not fear what lies ahead.

They have every chance to win this series on Friday. And, based on the first 3 games in the Alamo city, they will have every chance to win in Game 7 on Monday if it is necessary.

All credit is due to the Spurs for gutting out a win, but I think the Mavericks earned a lot of credit from those Spurs last night, too. The Mavericks and Spurs both showed immense resolve last night. What else is new? Both of these teams have played 3 classics in a row and someone is a few days from their offseason. Nice job of seeding, David Stern.

And now, exclusive Bob’s Blog Observations for Game 5:

• It is almost impossible to explain the performances of Tim Duncan. He has always been great, but I wonder if he has ever been this good. It is almost comical, as Diop, Dampier, and Dirk do everything they can to try to complicate matters for Duncan, but he still shrugs it off and scores again. For a guy coming off a pretty poor season, he is amazing.

• Dirk was everything you want your superstar to be last night. I wonder about the tip in at the end of the game, but for 48 minutes, Dirk wanted the ball and knew what to do with it. Give credit to the Spurs and Bruce Bowen for surviving those last 10 seconds, but Dirk had to make a Mavericks fan proud last night with his two large cajones.

• How about that zone? The Spurs took an 81-71 lead late in the 3rd, and Avery called a timeout and applied a zone defense for the first time in the series. All that did is get about 4 stops in a row, and allowed the Mavericks to cut the deficit prior to the 4th Quarter. I don’t know if you were unaware of this, but Avery Johnson is a basketball genius.

• I enjoyed driving back to the hotel last night and hearing generic Spurs announcer tell me in the post game show, “finally the refs got it right”. Kinda weird, the refs are good when the Spurs win, and the refs suck when the Spurs lose.

• I do have to hand it to Spurs fan. Wow. That is a crowd that is absurd. My ears still hurt. They cheer a basket in the 1st Quarter like it is the game winner. I have no idea how they keep it up for 3 hours, but they really do. That place is loud, and those fans are as advertised. Nuts.

• Manu Ginobili is really clutch on defense. So is Bruce Bowen, obviously, but in the last three games, there have been numerous occasions when Manu sticks his hands in a play and screws up a Mavericks possession. Very underrated on defense, I think.

• The Spurs have dude cheerleaders. I am not kidding. Discuss.

• I am not positive, but I am doubting last night was one of those nights where Keith Van Horn felt he was in the zone. 4 fouls in 3 minutes is a tough way to return to action. Just a reminder to anyone who forgot: The 1997 NBA Draft’s top 3 picks was #1 Tim Duncan, #2 Keith Van Horn, and #3 Chauncey Billups. Rank them.

• I have said it before and I will say it again: I don’t think the winner of this series will have a whole lot left in the tank. Do not underestimate the meat grinder that this series has become.

• You didn’t think that this was going to be easy, did you? Those Spurs were not going quietly. Now, the Mavericks need to hit the accelerator. Game 6 will be the 4th game in 7 days, which has to benefit the Mavericks younger legs. Game 6 will be in Dallas which has to benefit the Mavericks. This is an opportunity that you really don’t want to let pass by.

• Tony Parker has got to be one of the 3 best point guards in the NBA. There is really no way you can convince me he is not.

• Barkley took a shot at the Mavericks for celebrating too much after Game 4. I did not see the Game 5 comments, but let me tell you, the Spurs were pretty freaking happy after Dirk missed that shot. I am sure he let them have it, right.

• Mavericks offensive game plan: Find Finley, Van Exel, or Barry, and whoever they are guarding gets the ball. Repeat until they are taken out of the game. Then, find Finley, Van Exel, or Barry, and whoever they are guarding gets the ball. Repeat.

• Spurs offensive game plan: Post up Duncan. Repeat.

• I cannot wait for Friday night. This should be great.


dwebb said...

WOW! Does it get any better in the final few seconds (other than if Dirk or Terry had made it in the end)? TWO jumpballs with less than 5 seconds left. Spurs fans beware, we took your best shot and lost by one; we gave you close to our best shot and won a blowout. Duncan is great but he still had little timmy syndrome last night if he was by chance called for a foul. GO MAVS GO!

Beware your response to Dude cheerleaders... are they cheerleaders or "yell leaders"

Blow me up.

mr. t said...

Barkley was to busy worried about Kobe in the studio to make much any points.
Anybody see the the grab by Parker of Dirk's jersey?
Kenny Smith at the half called Diop- dee-opp
Why would Dirk give Steve Kerr any ammo? David Hasselhoff?

I got nothing.

Nick said...

Last year Nash said that the playoffs are funny because when you lose, you feel like you'll never win a game again.

Its so true. I know we were close, but I feel pretty bummed. I need tonight to recover from the let down so tomorrow I can rally the troops and come back for a strong ever tomorrow.

AttnyDan said...

Sigh, Spurs in 7.

What a total kick to the crotch that would be to this town. I hate the Spurs fan, but at the same time, I would love to see the look on Cuban's face if the Spurs come in here and win tomorrown night.

At least we have the Stars..uh..wait a minute.

Yell leaders? Come on, in San Antonio they are Vato's.

Curious to know if Big Mac stayed for the whole game.

Luis M said...

the sequence before the last jump ball was greatness. the battle for position, the constant pushing and shoving, the refs having to break up dirk and bowen. finley and damp battling for positin then avery yelling at damp to go to the other side. the refs looked like school teachers trying to get a bunch of 3rd graders in the right position for the school play. that was greatness.

what no comments on the terry punch to the gut. i hope there is no other video shots of it. if so, the league can look into and suspend him a game. that would hurt.

spurs have dude chearleaders so they can help whine and bitch. women do they at the time, so they whiney and bitchy fans in the stands cant relate to them, so they had to hire some dudes to do to make it more life like.

another reason i hate how the spurs are bitching and whining, how bout the last second shot, i think it was the third period where duncan didnt get the dunk on time, after the play he does his very gay, throw my hands ups palms out to the side and let my eyes pop out my face. what is that? and why did he do it there, its an expression of i didnt do anything wrong, dumbass you took a shot and you need to debate that you got it off before the buzzer, how does that expression help?

sorry for the long email, but if these damn games can run long so can my posts.

diaherra death to spurs fans!


anti-attny dan said...

After game 1-
"At 8:45 AM, AttnyDan said...
I know that we can still win Game 2, but I feel like we totally F-ed up our chances. This was a game we HAD to win.

What really has me nervous is that we went all out and still lost, while San Antonio probably has one, if not two more gears if need be.

Duncan's don't grow on trees, but we just have no answer for him.

Sigh, Spurs in 6."

The "sigh" gay?

Fake Sturm said... have an official week long ban from this blog with that kind of talk. No way Mavs lose tomorrow night. Last play of the game Jet should have thrown a pump fake and let Ginobilli fly by, take one dribble to the left, and then knocked down a wide open 16 footer.
Funny moment: After Finleys dunk on Dampiers face, he threw up a little flex move. At the other end of the court you could see Dirk making fun of Finley, then going over to the ref and repeating Fins move while Dirk was cracking up. You could tell Fin was trying not to laugh.

Anonymous said...

I hate Steve Kerr. What the heck is up with having a Spur homer call a national tv game. At the end, he said something about Dirk had a last shot for the win but unlike the last three games didn't get the call. He oozes in Spur whinerisms.


Nick said...

What's red and white and goes 'beeeeep, beeeeep, beeeeep'?

The Arsenal open-top bus reversing back into the garage.

humor police said...

I love humor nobody gets in this country.

mr. t said...

Are you serious?
Liberty University men’s basketball player Larry Blair has officially made himself available for the upcoming 2006 National Basketball Association Draft.

shawn in Lville said...

since I am upset about last night's loss, I choose to send a link to all that will put everyone into 'good ole day' syndrome. disclaimer: I am only 22.

You can get mark aguirre for $70, barkley for less...

Shiffman's Blog said...

New Bit: Instead of butchered cliches, how about "When Reggie Miller does not butcher a cliche"...good luck finding one.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm, we know Barkley has a gambling problem... think that affects his analysis any? He sounds like a guy who has a lot of money on the Spurs.

mr. t said...

If Dallas wins tomorrow night, I'll be glad they lost last night. So, Rick Barry will suffer more.

Spurs Fans = Spermiation

vslicebornborn said...

Mavs in 6! Stay Hard.



mr. t said...

does anyone have the Terry video?

Anonymous said...

saw the video on espn, slowed it down frame by frame.
really its hard to see anything definate, finley was ontop of terrys head, finleys mid section same up like he was shoved, and or pucnhed...then terry got up, finley went after him and was held back.

i saw no evidence to warrant a suspension, im sure he did do something, but a suspensions stupid, when you dont have real evidence.

and hell, id probably punch a dude who was sitting on my head.

Anonymous said...

Chris in Irving said...

You lost me today when you kept going about the Mavs taking the Spurs 'best punch', yet easily dismissed the Spurs doing the same as they are defending champs.

Before this year there was a 'big brother-little brother' flavor to the Spurs-Mavs rivalry. I don't think the Spurs or their fans took the rivalry is seriously as the Mavs fans do. Just like the older brother never took the younger brother as serious competition.

But I think the Mavs have the Spurs complete attention and respect. To sell them short by saying they 'took the Spurs best punch' while not acknowledging the Spurs did the same sells the rivalry short.

Either team will be happy to escape with the series and this will be a classic rivalry for the next 2-3 years.

Anonymous said...

Chris, the difference is that in years past, the Mavs always gave the Spurs their best punch, but the Spurs didn't have to dial it up that high. It's like the Mavs were playing at a 10 out of 10, and the Spurs only had to go up to 7 out of 10 to match it.

This year the Mavs and Spurs are both at 10 out of 10.

Anonymous said...

F@CK Stu Jackson! This just sucks. The game should be decided by the players not this crap. Suspension is totally unwarranted.

mr. t said...

sports sturm,
I need a sports hug this morning.

AttnyDan said...

Since I'm suspended from from making comments till the series is over (even though I didn't hit anyone in the family jewels), I'll just say:

Goooooooo Clippers!!!!!!!


Freeeeeeeee Jason Terry....Freeeeeeeeee Jasons Terry.

Anonymous said...

Cuban is such a whiney @ssed bitch. I sooo hope the Spurs drop the hammer on the Mavs just so he'll shut the hell up.

Yeah, let's boo Michael Finley because Jason Terry punched him in the crotch. WTF?!?

Fake Sturm said...

How is Bob gonna leave us hanging on one of the most important SPORTZZZZZZ days in recent Dallas history?

AttnyDan, after reviewing the tape your comments only warrant a 1 game suspension and you are eligible for game 7, if needed.

shawn in lville said...

Cuban definately did the oversell the situation when he was on with the Hardline yesterday afternoon, but I do think it is a little harsh. The guy from Denver who molested Kamann of the Clippers only got fined, no suspension.

Tonights game is going to crazy. I just beg for Marquis to show up.