Sunday, May 28, 2006

Sorry for the Beat-down, Old Man.

As expected here, Matt Hughes pounds Royce Gracie at UFC 60. I am no MMA expert, but it sure seems like old guys are no good. Shamrock, Gracie, Couture. Stop fighting when you get past 36 or so. Or take a beating at the hands of greatness.

Matt Hughes is a bad man.


Robert Bentley said...

Wow. Undefeated in the octagon no more.

ChozSun said...

Great Bill Simmons mailbag:
Q: Hey, you ever notice during games at Fenway when a lefty is batting, the "Giant Glass" sign behind home plate says, "Giant Ass"? I found it doubly funny when Ortiz was batting.
-- Asher Hayle, Dallas

SG: How dare you.

Anonymous said...

dear diary - I mopped the carpet today (bad choice) - right then I noticed that the milk man was about to... do you see it Paul, do you see it?... the buried sponge has surfaced and it is now left handed

Steve said...

Hughes was awesome...but I still cant get over Diego Sanchez winning that decision. Sturm - were you booing with the rest of the crowd?

Jay Clendenin said...

diego's an idiot.

Cap It said...

Anon 1:26..

Dude, whatever it is...pass it around - and don't bogart it...

Anonymous said...

Hughes made Royce look like a white belt...too strong and too good. Gotta give Royce credit for not tapping despite whatever parts were letting go in his elbow...crazy...

Diego didn't do much, but neither did Alessio other than a few jabs and good takedown defense. Alessio was too defensive and the last minute or 2 of the fight was enough for Diego to win it (have to wonder about the 30-27 from one judge though?).

Swick and Vera looked great. I really like Swick to contend with Franklin in the next couple years. Maybe a re-match with Leben after Leben loses to Anderson Silva at the next UFN on 6/28?

Lister looked like he was doing a BJJ intstructional dropping to 185 lbs to join the mix of guys that get the "pleasure" of fighting Franklin.

Guillard is a 155 lb beast...definitely the KO of the night. The LW division is pretty damn exciting.

Fisher's flying knee was nice too...not sure how he escaped the guillotine choke in the 1st round...

Bob...good move posting this today to avoid having to post it before the Mavs results tomorrow... ;-)

If anybody wants to DL the fights...these links should work...




Not Shown on PPV






(email me if they don't work and I'll hook you


mr. t said...

While I'm sure this great fun for the whole family, can we please get a post-game thread? This is the Western Conference Finals.