Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Wednesday - Game 5

Shortest Blog in sometime as I have to get to Love Field immediately. Game 5 tonight should be excellent. I look forward to the anti-Mavs, anti-Refs atmosphere. I must also concede my confidence level is reasonably low for success tonight for the Mavericks, but let’s all remember their road performance is awesome. A win tonight is advisable given the consequences of a loss. No one should take the urgency of closing these guys out lightly.

As for the Rangers, 3 Blown Saves in 1 night. Nice.

Noted Spurs Homer Buck Harvey pulls out the “I believe” column

I believe bad calls happen to good people.

I believe Mark Cuban had nothing to do with either game in Dallas. He doesn't intimidate refs; he irritates them. If anything, the officials should want to make sure they don't have to see Cuban in another round.

I believe conspiracy talk is both fun and fiction. David Stern will celebrate the elimination of the small market that has eroded his TV ratings over the last number of years, but the sentiment doesn't seep to the game itself.

And I believe something else. I believe the Spurs, right or wrong, are seething. They think they should be coming home with the series tied, at worst, and they think others have stopped this from happening.

Unlike other teams who have faced historic deficits in the playoffs, the Spurs don't feel beaten as much as they feel abused.


But can the Spurs win a home game tonight? Can they then go back to Dallas, where they were within two plays of winning two games, and steal one? If that happens, how will the Mavericks feel about coming back to San Antonio for a Game 7?
I believe it can happen.

Because I've seen it before.

Chuck Carlton, who I don’t believe lived here before 2000, rates the top 10 playoff moments in Mavericks history …as a fellow transplant, I think I might have tried to find someone who was here for the 80’s runs, but that is just me….

Ramonce Taylor on my space

And now, an email:

To the guy in the next cubicle over,

You continuously seem to mention that Tim Duncan whines about fouls and the like, but you always fail to mention that Dirk is just as bad. I know you are just being a homer, but please recognize that Duncan isn’t the only one on the court whining.
I am the rare Mavs and Spurs fan, I grew up going to Mavs games all the time and am a huge fan ever since the days of Tony Dumas, Doug Smith, and Donald Hodge, but I also grew up admiring the player and person that David Robinson was and is. So, I appreciate both teams and what their players can do, and my feelings on this series are pretty much a wash since I am ok with either team winning, but you have to admit that as bad as Duncan is about fouls, Dirk can be just as whiny and act just as surprised as well.

Just my thoughts.

Later, P1,

First off, nobody should be allowed to claim that they like both teams. Pick one. Second, the difference between Tim Duncan and Dirk Nowitzki is that one has been thought of as a soft whiner his whole career and one is thought of as possibly the finest player of this generation. I am simply making sure people are aware of Duncan’s annoying habit that he has developed more and more since David Robinson has retired.

Got a plane to catch.

Beat SA. Party on, Garth.


Chuck in irving said...

I reiterate: Whining is systematic. Pop teaches it and Duncan has grown to be his #1 pupil.

Avery learned from Pop, too. And, as I've said before, Avery will use that knowledge against his former mentor. Foul calls should not be expected and the Spurs will continue to rack up technicals when they do expect them. Conversely, Avery has prepared his team to be mentally tough and continue to play whether the calls come or not. (I am worried about Josh, though.)

The Mavs need to keep plugging away and not let the officials dictate their fate. Tonight's Game in SA is ripe for a Spurs win. Not all is bad, though. Even if the Mavs don't finish it, they can return to thier home floor and treat some deserving fans (yes, I am inferring that Spurs fans are not deserving) to the series victory.

The Grammar Police said...

Chuck...You're implying, it's our job to infer.
Go Mavs

shawn in Lville said...

It's been confirmed... Jerry Jones does not wash his hands post urination. My source at Cowboys Golf Club has informed me via text msg of this incident that occured 10 minutes ago.

On Timmy's whinning:
He and Dirk both do whine, however I dont think I have seen Dirk arms outstretched with the deer in the headlights look, or hold on to the ball like a toddler.

I really do hope the Mavs pull it out tonight. I have things to do Friday.

DrewJ said...

Some stats I pulled off

In NBA conf semis, when team w/out homecourt advantage takes a 3-1 lead, they are 7 and 15 in Game 5. But they have prevailed in 20 out of 22 of the series overall.

If we expand the same situation to the NBA playoffs as a whole the percentages hold about the same. 16 wins and 33 losses in game 5 and 44 wins and 5 losses in the series.

So the good money is on the Spurs tonight and the Mavs on Friday.

Anonymous said...

Dirk doesn't whine nearly as much as he used to under Nellie. He's no saint when it comes to whining, but Duncan is like a 3-year-old at this point.

PHE said...

Too bad the pictures from the Lazer appearance are so crappy.

Now, help me out here. Is Ice von Shredula the guy in the black hoodie, or the one in the Soviet-era commisar get-up? Either way, he's my new hero based on his name alone.

As Avery has no doubt been preaching since about 90 seconds after Game 4 ended, the close-out victory is the toughest. Assuming it's Mavs-Suns in the Conf Finals, the Mavs will need some rest prior. Avery will be pushing them hard to close it out tonight. What do the Spurs have left? I can't wait!

Nick said...

I've found a bigger moron than Barkley

Check out the first round predictions vs. the Grizz.

mr. t said...

How are you a Mavs fan and a Spurs fan?
You can't be. Brian is not a Mavs fan. Just because you can rattle off a few names from the early 90's Mavs teams doesn't make you a fan.
Last I checked David Robinson was sitting in the stands wearing a Manu jersey. I had a pair of "The Robinson's"(the shoes that pump on the side), but I was still pulling for the great randy white( the mavs one).
You're either a Mavs fan or Spurs fan.
There is no such thing a bi-fan, only detached, casaul basketball watchers.

Spurs "fans" whimper more than Duncan.
I have beef with Spurs.

Anonymous said...

Has Pippen watched a Mavs game this year? I bet he's ready to crawl into a hole right about now...

heh, "zhutaco" was the word verifier. Sounds like a combo of Najera and Wang. :)

Jay Clendenin said...

Otsuka totally screwed my ERA fantasy stats!!!

Fake Sturm said...

Another great Simmons column with heavy Mavs (Devin Harris) influence.

Jazz Hostage said...

That was the best artical linked off this blog all year. And I had to find it in the comments! If Sturm wasn't traveling, I'd let him have it! Where is the fake sturm blog anyways?

Luis M said...

i conkerr, you cant be a mavs fan and spurs fan. take this test to find out, take a look in the mirror, if you see a whiney, self-important, pompous, arrogant, ignorant prick you are a spurs fan, if not then you a mavs fan. you are who you are.

all players complain about calls. they get fouled jump up or throw their hands up then go to the ref and state their case. many times they walk over and say, hey what did i do wrong, okay you consider that a foul i wont do it, but watch (insert opposing player's name) they are do the same thing. that is why you will see refs nodding their heads sometimes or the player give the ref a pat on the ace or something. it is called working the refs. dirk does that, howard does that, every player does that.

but if you can not see that duncan and co. go overboard on their expressions, you are just flat out stupid.

i hate spurs fans.


re-pete said...

"I am simply making sure people are aware of Duncan’s annoying habit that he has developed more and more since David Robinson has retired."

Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!

There was a time when Tim and the Spurs played in the Alamodome, Tim was considered too "unemotional," the Spurs fell short several times, and AJ helped lead them to a title.

Since the retirement of DR, the SBC Center changed to the AT&T Center (and now the Pampers Center); Tim has become "Timmy," and he practically friggin' stomps his feet when the whistle blows (Ginobili is the one who literally throws himself on the floor).

After the series ends tonight, we should each purchase a package of diapers and send it in one enormous UPS delivery to Widduw Timmy Duncan, c/o the San Antonio Spares, The Pampers Center, Overrated Town, TX 78219

Timmy can share them with the Spares fans.

mr. t said...

" take this test to find out, take a look in the mirror, if you see a whiney, self-important, pompous, arrogant, ignorant prick you are a spurs fan, if not then you a mavs fan. you are who you are."

Classic Luis.

Anonymous said...

Sports Guy = genius

Fake Sturm said...

Sorry Jazz, but Fake Sturm has no blog. But here is the Mavs playoff blog with some writers from the DMN. Check out the link to the picture of Jet and Stackhouse.... gay or not gay?

MrSimic said...

I'll probably ask again tomorrow when more people are likely to see, but has anyone else been having blogger problems lately?

For the last two days, Sturm's updates have been appearing on my RSS feed, but I couldn't click through to the content. Today I was able to read the last two posts (not this one) via google's cache (no comments though), but today around 5pm I was finally able to get through. At first I thought it was just this thing, but I think it was every blogspot. I almost called our IT guy (I was desperate for Mavs talk) to check if there was some filter I was unaware of.

Anyway, no skin off of anyone else's back (unless it affected you) but I thought I'd shout it out.


Jay Clendenin said...

go rangers!!!

i mean...go mavericks!!

P1 Pat in Rockwall said...

OK Keith Van Spare is obviously only in to eat up his 6 fouls...and he's doing a nice job I might add. But since he came in the Mavs are doing that stand around the perimeter waiting for the moneyball crap. Van Dill out...Balls in.

P1 Pat in Rockwall said...

OK more on Van Dumbass. He got 3 hacks in 2 minutes...that might be faster than Shawn Bradley back in the day. He's out and the cojones seem to be back. Coincidence??? I think not.

P1 Pat in Rockwall said...

Looks like the Spurs a doing what the Mavs did in games 3 & 4...circling the wagons and holding off the attacks the Mavs keep trying to make. I'm not saying Dallas can't pull this one out, but it looks like a bit of role reversal here.

P1 Pat in Rockwall said...

Another great game...regardless of who won. And who would the winner play in the conference finals??? Someone like Kent State, I think. Sorry if I bogged the blog for you all. Peace out and yo momma.

Allen said...

does barley know any more complementary phases other than "he played fantastic"...

Go Oilers!!!!